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When you’re looking to work those deep pockets and fool trout gorging on nymphs, Cortland’s Euro Nymph Braid Core Fly Line has just what you need. Bringing precision, ease of casting, and sensitivity to a thin braided core makes this floating line a great choice when you’re looking to hone your Euro skills or just need to bring something new to your nymphing tactics. The Euro Nymph Braid Core Line is available in both a level line and double taper to allow you all of the options you need and is a line that you can rely on whether you’re getting started at a local creek or heading on your dream trip to the Yellowstone River.



Although Cortland’s Braided Euro Nymph Line keeps things nice and straightforward, it does have a couple of key features that make it such a strong choice. Cortland’s proprietary Shooting Technology (ST) is a PVC-blend coating that reduces friction and helps lock out dirt and other particles in order to extend the life of your line and allow for slick shooting. Another important benefit to this line is the fact that it doesn’t have any integrated loops. While this may seem counterintuitive to some, it’s a simple addition that allows you to dial in your leader configuration to match your exact needs while heavily increasing sensitivity. Cortland’s Euro Nymph Braid Core Fly Line also comes in a stealthy sage green color that blends into natural surroundings and helps fool those wary trout. 



Euro Nymphing - Cortland created this line with Euro Nymphing and freshwater trout stream fishing as a top priority, and its braided core and supple design bring all of the sensitivity that you need to feel the bottom and succeed. Coming in both a level and double taper means that you get some options. The level taper has everything that you’d expect out of a dedicated Euro Nymphing line and is a great choice when setting up a Euro-specific rod, while the double taper allows you to effectively Euro Nymph without having to switch to a foreign taper. Regardless of choice, both options give excellent feel and sensitivity and are a great line for days spent bouncing the bottom.



Cold - Cortland’s Euro Nymph Braid Line was made to tackle most freshwater trout scenarios and can be fished equally well in the dead of winter when the water’s just above freezing as it can on a hot summer day. For this, it’s a line that you can depend on all year long and expect to perform best in water temperatures between 30-65 degrees. 


Level Line Option: The level taper version of this line gives a full 90 feet of level.022 diameter line. This diameter is the thinnest line allowed by FIPS-Mouche competition ruling and gives the user reduced sag and excellent strike detection that extends all the way down to your line management hand. Since this line has such a small diameter, you can expect it not to overload your rod and let you fish heavy nymphs as deep as you like without sacrificing any feel.


Double Taper Option: Cortland’s double taper gives a little more versatility if you’ve never strictly Euro Nymphed or are used to the feel of a double taper. This fly line is made with a 17ft front/rear taper combined with a 56ft body section and still sports the thin .022 diameter and its associated sensitivity. While it doesn’t have the dedicated Euro Nymphing specs of the level taper option, the double taper gives good presentation, makes it easy to mend, and is a good choice if you’re just beginning to Euro Nymph.


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Best for: Freshwater, Trout

Loops: No welded loops

Sinking/Floating: Floating


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