Cortland Camo Tip 7 Fly Line

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Few fishing situations require more stealth than a clear pond or lake packed with picky trout, and your choice of line might be one of the most crucial decisions you make when fishing in these environments. With their Camo Tip 7 Fly Line, Cortland has designed the perfect tool for fishing over tough fish in gin-clear conditions. Designed with a 7-foot clear intermediate tip that sinks at 1.5-2 IPS, this line is the perfect choice when working nymphs, streamers, and emergers in the first two feet of water, and it really excels when you need to stay above structure to prevent snags. Through an advanced taper and monofilament core, the Camo Tip 7 Fly Line gives the accuracy and precision that you need, and with this line being true-to-size, you’ll never have to worry about your rod’s loading being clunky and disruptive. From trout picking off emergers just under the water’s meniscus to slowly stripping streamers with the hopes of bringing a trophy up, Cortland’s Camo Tip 7 Line is a line that you can turn to with confidence for it all. 



Shooting Technology (ST) - A technology that was created to decrease friction in your cast while increasing distance and shootability, Cortland’s Shooting Technology gives your line a super-smooth finish that will last for your line’s life. From float tubes to walks along the shore, Cortland takes the hassle out of hitting those far targets with their Shooting Technology. 

Dual Welded Loops - It’s hard to beat the convenience of a loop-to-loop connection, which is exactly why Cortland outfits their Camo Tip 7 with Dual Welded Loops. These loops are strong and reliable and they’re sure to simplify your rigging processes. 



Streamers, Nymphs, and Emergers - Cortland made their Camo Tip 7 Line for fishing in stillwater environments, and with an intermediate head, the sweet spot for this line is when you want to fish within the first two feet of the water column. Whether you’re stripping a streamer, crawling a nymph, or working an emerger, this line is a reliable option for all three.  



Cold to Warm - The Camo Tip 7 Line is built for temperatures ranging from 30 degrees all the way up to about 70. Quite a wide range for a line, you can use the Camo Tip 7 in nearly any stillwater situation you find yourself in, but if you try and take it to a truly tropical environment– peacock bass in a Florida canal, for example, you’ll notice that the line gets limp. 



More Mass Towards the Front of the Head - The Camo Tip 7 Fly Line focuses the line’s weight towards the head, which consists of a 4’ back taper that transitions into a 20’ body and finishes off with a clear 7’ front taper. This technical design is built around an ability to provide accuracy, stealth, and precision while making it nice and easy to turn over heavy nymph or streamer rigs. 


More Info 

Best for: Stillwater

Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)

Sinking/Floating: Intermediate Head


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
WF5I/F90'140gr31'1.5-2 ipsClear Camo/Olive$74.99
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