Core C1650 Tube Fly Single Black Hooks

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Swinging flies with the hope of hooking fresh chrome or stripping Surf Candies into a hefty blitz, no matter what the situation, Core’s C1650 Tube Fly Single Black Hooks are ready for it all. These hooks combine a black nickel finish with a short shank and ultra wide gap for excellent hooking power even when tangoing with the heavyweights. With its short shank, these hooks are a great choice for tying tube flies for swinging or stripping, and their compact design also makes them a good hook for streamers that require a short shank that has just enough keeling power. Made in sizes 4 through 10, the C1650 Tube Fly Single Black Hooks has a nice range of options to accommodate most tube patterns and small baitfish imitations. 



Core’s C1650 Tube Fly Single Black Hooks were built with tube flies in mind, and they provide excellent performance for this task. However, with their short shank and wide gap, you can also turn to this hook when tying small streamers, especially patterns like Surf Candies and Mushmouth. 



Daiichi’s 1650 Heavy Wire Tube Fly Hooks are a great alternative to Core’s C1650 Tube Fly Single Black Hooks. Daiichi’s 1650 hook also has a short shank and comes in similar size options, but it does have a 2x heavy wire, so whenever you need just a little extra strength, this hook is a little more reliable option than the C1650 Tube Fly Single Black Hooks. 

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