Core C1150 Emerger Hooks

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Core designed their C1150 Emerger Hooks as an excellent platform for tying emergers, but its versatility lends itself to much more than just that. Combining a subtle curve with a wide gap, this hook is a reliable choice for tying things like emergers, soft hackles, dry flies, and, in larger sizes, it’s also a popular choice as a stinger hook on tube flies or articulated swinging patterns. And no matter what you’re tying on the C1150 Hook, you can count on reliable hooking and holding power thanks to a clean bronze finish, chemically sharpened point, and small barb. Swinging up smallmouth bass in the middle of the summer or picking off the delicate risers of early spring, Core’s C1150 Emerger Hooks have your back for it all. 



Core’s C1150 is a pretty versatile hook. While these were created with emerger patterns in mind, they offer a bit more than just that. A lightwire construction allows you to tie dry flies, especially parachutes, but you can also use this hook for soft hackles, lightweight nymphs, and in larger sizes, it’s a great rear stinger hook on tube flies and other swinging patterns.  



Ahrex’s FW520 Emerger Hooks offer a pretty close construction that can be used for similar patterns. This hook also has a nice emerger bend and wide gap, but it does have a black nickel finish opposed to the C1150’s bronze finish. Other than the finish, these two hooks are pretty comparable and can be used almost interchangeably. 

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