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Carp are a tough fish to convert, some anglers have equated them to bonefish in that they require precise accuracy, delicate fly placement, and a solid understanding of their feeding behavior, and no one knows this better than Pat Cohen. Pat Cohen, with the help of Hareline’s material team, set out to create the perfect carp dubbing and Cohen’s Carp Dub is just that. Carp Dub is a pretty unique dubbing; it has subtle changes of colors throughout, just the right amount of flash to grab a fish’s attention without spooking them, and super fine rubber legs to add lifelike movement to your flies–all of these qualities combine to give an ultra-buggy dubbing that’s easy to use and comes in a ton of different color options. From buggy nymphs, all the way to chunky crawdad patterns, Cohen’s Carp Dub is an excellent choice for tying carp flies whether you’re chasing them down on a warm water spillway or testing your resolve and casting to a mudding trio of them on a glassy flat. 


Cohen’s Carp Dub was designed with carp in mind, and it’s an excellent choice when pursuing these picky fish. Combining lifelike movement, natural yet attractive colors, and just the right amount of flash, this dubbing brings your flies to life with ease. Simply dub it onto your thread, or for more bulky situations, work it into a dubbing loop. And don’t be fooled by its name, because this is a dubbing you can turn to for all tying applications, whether you’re fillin’ up the smallmouth bass box, bonefish box, or trout box. 


Dubbing is a pretty ubiquitous material in the world of fly tying, however, there isn’t really another carp-specific dubbing out there. If you’re simply looking to imitate the buggy appearance of Cohen’s Carp Dub, then Hareline’s Haree Wiggle Dub is a good alternative. Haree Wiggle Dub has rubber leg material worked into it and it has a similar texture to Cohen’s Carp Dub, but it lacks the integrated flash and subtle color changes found in Cohen’s Carp Dub. While both of these dubbings, as well as many others, will work to tie up some carp flies, if you’re looking to take your carp fishing to the next level, it’s best to follow in the footsteps of Pat Cohen and go with this original blend. 

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