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An awesome material straight from the mind of Blane Chocklett, Chocklett's Filler Flash is pearlescent mylar on a core that comes in a ton of colors and is great for adding some flash. While Blane developed Filler Flash to be used as supporting material on his Game Changer flies, it’s a material with a ton of other uses. Super easy to use and handle, Filler Flash is most often palmered and it gives a realistic “glow” to any fly you work it into. From tying up some Feather Game Changers to putting your own spin on a classic Wooly Bugger, Filler Flash is a material that both salt and freshwater anglers should rely on.



Although Chocklett's Filler Flash is most commonly associated with various Game Changer flies, it’s a material that can do much more than just that. It’s great for building chunky bodies on poppers, it can be palmered to create flashy and buggy streamer bodies, and it’s an excellent supporting fiber to add forward bulk to hollow fleyes and other large streamer patterns. A truly versatile material, Filler Flash gives just enough flash and few materials are as easy to work with.


Created by Blane Chocklett, few materials are as easy to handle and provide the versatility of Filler Flash. With that said, Hareline’s Cactus Hackle is a similar material in that it’s also a flashy material on a core, but Cactus Hackle doesn’t have the color variety of Filler Flash, the flash material tends to be a little more straight, and it’s also available in different widths.


Example Flies

Chocklett's Filler Flash can be worked into streamers, poppers, and some steelhead flies, but some of the most popular ties that use this material are: 

  • Feather Game Changer
  • Crafty Game Changer
  • Polar Game Changer

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