Chocklett's Glass Minnow Chenille

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When it comes to baitfish like silversides and bay anchovies, one of the most obvious characteristics is their translucent bodies, and when fish are keyed in on either of these baits, having a fly with that transparent look is essential to success. Thought up by mastermind Blane Chocklett, Glass Minnow Chenille makes it super easy to imitate that clear look in your flies. Glass Minnow Chenille is a Chenille material with a durable thread core that, when wet, gives a completely clear look to your fly, making it easy to imitate the see-through bodies found on a variety of different baitfish. Easy to work with and even easier to color with permanent markers, Chocklett’s Glass Minnow Chenille has you covered whether you’re prepping for a trip to Cape Cod to feed little tunny bay anchovies or heading south for the annual glass minnow run. 


Chocklett’s Glass Minnow Chenille is used anytime you need to tie a baitfish or crustacean with a clear body. This chenille is easy to color with a permanent marker, and it works particularly well when tying Finesse Game Changers. 


Since the translucent characteristic of Chocklett’s Glass Minnow Chenille is pretty tough to find, there isn’t a great alternative on the market. However, if translucency isn’t important to the flies you’re tying and you want a similar Chenille material, Chocklett’s Finesse Body Chenille is an excellent option. Chocklett’s Finesse Body Chenille is a synthetic material with a thread core, but it comes in a variety of different colors and multiple sizes. Just like the Glass Minnow Chenile, Finesse Body Chenille can also be colored with markers to match whatever baitfish you’re trying to imitate. 

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