Chicone's Barred Crusher Legs

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Designed by Drew Chicone, Chicones Barred Crusher Legs are silicone legs that are thoughtfully created, purpose-driven, and help you create super-slick looking flies. Drew set out to create his Barred Crusher Legs simply because he wasn’t happy with the legs currently on the market. Looking for something that was translucent yet barred, Drew teamed up with Hareline to create his Barred Crusher Legs. Available in a wide range of colors and three different sizes (regular, micro, and wide), Chicones Barred Crusher Legs have lifelike motion, a natural appearance, and can be used in anything from bluegill poppers to bonefish crustaceans to Wooly Buggers. Ready for both saltwater and freshwater applications, Chicones Barred Crusher Legs will bring life to any fly that you tie them into.



Chicones Barred Crusher Legs are a very versatile legging material and can be used for a range of purposes. These legs are great for adding lifelike appendages to saltwater patterns like shrimp, crabs, squid, and even some minnow patterns, but they can also add life to flies like poppers, crayfish, large freshwater nymphs and streamers. Available in three different sizes, the micro and regular options are ideal for adding leg or antennae material to most flies, while the wide option can be used on large flies or can be palmered to create segmented bodies on fresh and saltwater bugs. 



Although Chicones Barred Crusher Legs can be compared to other silicone legs, none offer exactly what these legs do. Hareline’s Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs offer similar movement and barring, yet their appearance lacks the natural translucency and they don’t offer exactly the size versatility of Chicones Barred Crusher Legs. Both are great materials, but Chicones Barred Crusher Legs have a little wider application and a more lifelike barring appearance. 


Example Flies

A material that can be used a ton of different ways, Chicones Barred Crusher Legs are responsible for some fishy patterns. A couple of the more popular patterns are:

  • Spawning Squimp
  • Strong Arm Crab


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