Charlies Airhead Mysis Fly

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Tied by Umpqua Feather Merchants.


The ol’ “don’t judge a book by its cover” applies to Charlies Airhead Mysis Fly--a simple mysis shrimp imitation that doesn’t look like much, but is a tried-and-true producer just about anywhere mysis are found. Invented by Charlie Craven as a way to match the nearly-translucent mysis shrimp living in Colorado’s Frying Pan River, Charlies Airhead Mysis has become a staple on any mysis-infested waterway. An easy pattern with a well-considered design, Charlies Airhead Mysis is tied mostly with egg yarn that, when wet, takes on a “milky” appearance that closely resembles the naturals. 


An excellent fly for tailwater rivers, Charlies Airhead Mysis Fly can be fished any moment of the year and is a great early spring pattern before the main hatches get started. Fishing Charlies Airhead Mysis is pretty simple and straightforward as it’s presented like any other nymph--on a tight line, under an indicator, or worked into a two-fly setup. Keep this fly on hand in sizes like 16 and 18 and you can count on it to fool trout anywhere you find these crustaceans. 


Sizes Available:

16, 18


Due to the handmade nature of this product, the product you receive may vary from the photos. Please note that flies that are not individually packaged are not returnable.


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