Brod's Green Crab Fly

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Fly Tied By Ryan Brod

Far and away the best way to catch a striper on the fly in maine. Strip these green crabs with slight bumps along the bottom with a fast sinking line for vicious hits. Stripers cant resist these green crabs on the flats or in the marsh. Blind cast them and let it sink then a bump bump pause cadance. 

Meet Ryan

Ryan Brod is a multifaceted writer whose work spans essays, profiles, and criticism, featured in notable outlets like River Teeth: A Journal of Nonfiction Narrative, Tahoma Literary Review, The Maine Review, and Gray's Sporting Journal. His deep engagement with the natural world and outdoor pursuits shines through his role as a senior contributor to The Drake magazine, alongside crafting compelling narratives for outdoor companies such as Duck Camp. Beyond his literary achievements, Ryan's passion for fly-fishing manifests in his expert fly tying, an art that enriches his narratives with authenticity and a profound connection to the aquatic world.

As an educator and mentor, Ryan teaches first-year writing and creative nonfiction at the University of New England, where his experiences as a fly-fishing guide, avid angler, and tarpon enthusiast inform his teaching philosophy. His craftsmanship in fly tying not only exemplifies his dedication to the sport but also serves as a tangible link between his love for storytelling and the rhythmic dance of fly-fishing. Born in Smithfield, Maine, and residing in the original Portland, Ryan's life and work are a testament to his love for nature, narrative, and the nuanced art of fly tying.

Trident Fly Fishing's Proud Partnership with Local Fly Tiers

Trident Fly Fishing is excited to partner with the finest local fly tiers in our community. This collaboration brings to our customers an exceptional collection of custom flies, each a symbol of local tradition, expert craftsmanship, and a deep understanding of the unique fisheries they are designed for.


Celebrating Local Expertise and Waters

  • A Perfect Match for Local Fisheries: Our partnership emphasizes creating flies that are not only beautiful but also meticulously designed for the specific characteristics of local fisheries. This close attention to local environments ensures that every angler using our flies has the best possible chance of success, with gear that's finely tuned to their immediate fishing needs.
  • Handcrafted With Passion: The essence of our partnership lies in the unparalleled craftsmanship of our local tiers. By focusing on hand-tied techniques, we offer flies that embody the passion, precision, and personal touch of their creators, delivering a level of performance and quality that's beyond the ordinary.
  • Supporting Our Local Tiers: Choosing Trident Fly Fishing's custom flies means supporting the artisans in your own community. This partnership not only brings their remarkable skills to the forefront but also contributes to sustaining the art and tradition of fly tying, enriching our local fishing culture.