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From the sandy bonefish-packed flats of Islamorada to the muddy channels of Louisiana that redfish call home, the Bonefish Slider Fly is a pattern that you can take anywhere without striking out. Designed by skilled artist, angler, and fly creator Tim Borski, the Bonefish Slider Fly is a buggy pattern that was invented to fool large bonefish in Florida, however, it didnt take long to realize that that pattern was effective at taking a wide variety of fish. From seatrout to snook to tarpon to striped bass and nearly anything in between, the Bonefish Slider gets the job done. 


The Bonefish Slider Fly is a pattern that looks great in the vise but also does a fantastic job at imitating a variety of food sources ranging from small minnows like mummichogs to shrimp, and even a crab if you are in a pinch. With a barred Craft Fur tail, palmered hackle body, deer hair wing, spun and clipped deer hair head, and a set of dumbbell eyes, this fly has excellent movement, pushes water well, and rides right along the bottom. An important fly to have on hand whether your destination is a tropical flat or a chilly northeast salt pond, the Bonefish Slider is one thats tough to beat. 


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