Winston Passport Fly Rod Review

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The Wintson Passport is Winston's (budget minded) fast action rod. It's received a lot of acclaim, not only for its casting ability, but for being out of stock. Everywhere. We've got them!



From afar it looks like a standard Winston in design and finish, though up close it's pretty far from their flagship BIIIX. This is not to say its not a well made or ugly rod, but (especially in the reel seat) one can tell where budget cuts were made. Decent wraps and snake guides along the dark brown blank make for a classic Winston look. There is also a noticeable swelling in the cork. I have used sandpaper to flatten it out on mine, as even with my large hands it was uncomfortable, especially during long outings.


Listed at 3 3/10oz. About the same as their VSL. The Passport suffers a little in swing weight but balances well with the Guru.


Consider it's softer tip, the Passport casts well at longer distances. It's not the best in it's class as the butt power isn't as rigid as some others, but certainly not an obvious downfall as 60ft + casts are not common for most trout fishermen.


Really good. At short to medium distances the Passport is right up there with some of the best and most expensive rods out there. Again the softer tip allows for added feel and accuracy and the good balance in design allows for smooth and accurate casts.


Along the same lines as the "accuracy" category, the Passport feels great at short to medium distances mainly because of it's great feel and balance.


If nymphing is your main game than the Passport might not be for you. Lack of stiffness would make it hard to turn over a multiple nymph rig and those larger fish in deep pools would be harder to pull out.


With either floating line or sinking tip, this is a lot of fun to fish with streamers. As with any rod, the heavier the streamer the harder it can get, but with anything less than a conehead the Passport's great cast-ability makes it fun.


It's a Winston right? Of course it's good for dry fly fishing (haha). It's not quite in the same league as the BIIIX, but the Winston Passport might be the best dry fly rod under $300.



Price: $239


  • Budget friendly
  • Great casting rod
  • Well balanced and accurate


  • Some of the construction/parts aren't as good as I would like
  • Suffers some while nymphing


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