Winston Saltwater Fly Line Reviews

Winston Energy Salt

Price: $129

The Hype: Winston touts the “entirely new scientific approach” they used to create this line that “enhances the energy transfer between the rod and line”.

Taper Diagram:

Casting Notes: The Winston Energy line is a nice presentation-focused line for Bonefish. While it wasn’t our favorite Bonefish line in the shootout, it had quality loop stability and an alright presentation rating. Like many other lines with a longer, lighter head, the Energy Salt is easy to carry in the air and presents flies accurately and delicately at longer distances. This line was designed specifically for the Winston Air Saltwater rods, so if you have an Air Salt that’s a reason to fish this line. If you don’t, there’s no real reason to purchase the Energy Salt. 

This isn’t a line that cuts through the wind particularly well or a line that handles large flies. It received a pretty average ranking in all of our casting categories so refer back to our paragraph on average fly lines for this one. It’s a nice line for the average Bonefish angler but doesn’t stand out in any way. If you’re an avid Bonefish angler, there are other lines in this shootout that would be a better choice.


  • Presents smaller flies delicately at longer distances
  • Has good loop stability


  • Not a beginner line
  • Average across the board

Bottom Line:  If you’re partial to Winston (or have a Winston Air Salt) and you’re looking for a Bonefish line under $100, this is a fine option. That being said, there are other Bonefish lines in the shootout that offer better performance for the avid angler.