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We have another exciting 2013 preview for you.  Waterworks Lamson has three new reels for 2013.  The Lamson Arx Fly Reel brings a new level of performance for Spey and switch anglers.  The Lamson Speedster Fly Reel mates classic Lamson performance with a much larger arbor.  Finally, the every popular Lamson Konic Fly Reel gets a makeover.


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Arx - $439




The Arx is all Waterworks.  It's the first fly reel designed from the bottom up for the Spey and switch angler. As Spey and Scandi lines evolve, the need for a reel that prevents line snagging has become more and more critical.  The Arx solves this problem with a full cage frame, while leaving a small section open to allow anglers to palm the reel.  Add a Vanquish-style drag knob and we might have a winner!


Speedster - $279




The Speedster is Lamson's first foray into "ultra-large arbor" fly reels.  Think Hardy Ultralight DD meets the Lamson Litespeed.  As most of you know, the larger the arbor, the faster the retrieve - which makes this reel aptly named.  It features a narrower spool, which was, frankly, one of the only things I don't like about the current models.  The narrower the spool, the less the need for a line winder, and therefore, less chance of line piling up.


The downside of larger arbors is the need for more drag.  For those of you who don't remember your physics, the greater the radius, the greater the torque.  Since the standard size conical drag has trouble in saltwater sizes, let's hope the Speedster will have a much beefier drag.  Wait and see!


Konic II - $139




The ever popular Konic has had a makeover for 2013.  It's now got a great two-tone skin, but it has maintained its entry-level price and buttery smooth Lamson conical drag.  I'm also hoping for a smoother finish and less noise.


All models will be available in mid-September 2012.


Check out the entire lineup of Lamson Fly Reels!


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