Pike are toothy predators that enjoy feeding on large meals in Lake, Pond, and River settings. These fish feed aggressively and are a lot of fun to catch on a fly rod. A lot of Pike fishing is done in shallow water which makes spotting and tempting these fish a visual game. Bright streamers, large crustaceans, and even an amphibian or two comprise the diet of these large freshwater fish.

If you're just getting started in Pike fishing and are looking for more advice about how to choose the best gear for the job, we've written about the best fly rod for Pike here, the best fly reel for Pike here, and the best fly line for Pike here. To round out our species-centered blog posts on Pike, this post will help you choose the best flies to increase your chances of success on the water.

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The Flies

Pike are ambush feeders and often aggressively eat streamers and large protein-packed prey. Most Pike fishing is done in a shallow water setting although Pike can also be caught a little deeper on ledges in lakes and ponds across the US. As such, many of these patterns are large streamer patterns that are likely to catch the attention of a laid up fish and help you close the deal.

Chocklett's Gamechanger Fly

  • The Gamechanger is perhaps the most popular Pike/Musky pattern. Tied by Blane Chocklett, this segmented fly has incredible movement in the water and truly imitates a swimming baitfish. Pike/Musky go crazy for this fly.

Big Fish Deceiver

  • The Big Fish Deceiver is a popular pattern across a range of fishing applications from saltwater Striper fishing to freshwater Pike fishing. This baitfish pattern has a large, lifelike profile and fools predatory Pike and Bass.

Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper

  • While we don't sell this fly on the website, we have tied it on YouTube and it's a phenomenal Pike fly. The bulky fly design that imitates a frog and the floating popper head induce angry strikes from predatory Pike in shallow water scenarios.

Clouser Minnow

  • The Clouser is a staple in a lot of saltwater settings but can be highly effective in freshwater, too. The heavy eyes help this fly sink quickly for anglers targeting Pike in deeper water. It's also a great, simple streamer pattern that comes in a large variety of colors.

Dead Drift Crayfish Fly

  • Crayfish are popular in lakes and ponds and Pike often eat these critters aggressively because they offer a large, protein-filled meal. This pattern is extremely lifelike and works well when fished from the bottom up in the water column.

EP Yellow Perch Fly

  • This fly, and other EP flies, offer a lifelike profile, pattern, and design. This particular pattern imitates a yellow perch. Perch are eaten by Pike in lakes and ponds, especially when they're smaller in size, and this pattern grabs the attention of a Pike waiting to ambush Perch and other baitfish.

EP Bluegill Fly

  • Similar to the Yellow Perch, Pike also eat Bluegill in a number of freshwater fisheries. This fly, like the Yellow Perch, has a hook guard so you can target Pike in shallow water without getting snagged.

Lil Kim Fly

  • Another flashy streamer pattern, the Lil Kim Fly has a conehead to help it sink quickly. This is a great weighted pattern to use in deeper water on lakes or ponds. Plus, the bright colors and flashy design help draw in fish at any depth.


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