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Discover the top 10 essential flies every angler needs when fly fishing in The Bahamas! From Bonefish to Tarpon, we've got you covered with the best selections for a successful trip. Dive in and get ready to enhance your Bahamas fly fishing experience!

With snow and cold weather descending on much of the country this time of year, many anglers are turning their attention to the beautiful flats of the Caribbean, particularly The Bahamas. With gorgeous weather and some of the biggest bonefish in the world, what else could you be looking for in a winter getaway? With big Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Jacks, and more, you cannot go wrong with The Bahamas at any time of the year.

When gearing up for a trip to the flats, there are a few things to consider before you start buying or tying flies for your trip. Bonefish in The Bahamas tend to be bigger than places like Mexico or Belize. That being said, you will want to increase your fly size. Sizes 2-6 should work just fine. You also want flies in a variety of weights so that you can hit every area of the water column as needed. Whether it's a Blind Charlie that you're fishing in a few inches of water, a heavy crab that you're fishing off the bottom in a few feet of water and everything in between, you will want it in your fly box. Here are some of the 10 best flies to take with you to make your trip to The Bahamas successful.

The Top 10 Flies for the Bahamas

1.) Rubber Legs Gotcha

The traditional Gotcha has always worked well for Bonefish. However, we like our flies with a little extra spice. Rubber legs offer an extra element of movement that the traditional Gotcha does not have and the fish can't seem to resist. Some variations of this fly include the Hot Legs Foxy Gotcha, the Arctic Bone Spawning Shrimp, the Boney Foo Foo, and Beck's Sili-Legs.

2.) EP Spawning Shrimp

Even though this is traditionally a Permit fly, Bonefish in The Bahamas will crush! No matter where you are heading in the Bahamas, do not go there without a few on-hand!

3.) Skinny Water Clouser

When you think of a Clouser, you think of a fly that will catch literally everything. This holds true for Bonefish in the Bahamas! Get some in white/tan with some bead chain eyes and watch the magic happen!

4.) Blind Charlie

You can't go to the Bahamas without a handful of Blind Charlies. With hardly any splash riding just below the surface, they are great for making stealthy casts on tailing fish in a few inches of water.

5.) Bonefish Bitters

If nothing else is working out for you, you have to try a Bonefish Bitter. It is one of the best flies for picky fish!

6.) Squimp

The Squimp is great for it's versatility! Fish it in a variety of ways to attract both Permit and Bonefish.

7.) Veverka's Mantis Shrimp

With light bead chain eyes, this is a great fly to fish on sandy flats and on the edges of mangroves. A bigger fly is bound to lure a bigger fish into an eat.

8.) Strong Arm Merkin

The Strong Arm Merkin is an absolutely essential Permit fly. Keep a few of these in white and you can never go wrong!

9.) Cuda Fly

When fishing the flats, running into a Barracuda is inevitable. You never know when you'll need to grab the 10wt and throw something big and nasty at them. Cowen's Cuda Killer is also never a bad choice.

10.) EP Peanut Butter

It goes without saying that any time you are on the flats, you MUST carry a few Peanut Butter flies on you. This will serve as the go-to fly for anything that isn't a Bonefish or a Permit. Keep it in black and purple and you cannot go wrong!

Now you know some of the best flies to carry with you on your next adventure to the Bahamas! We carry all of these flies here at Trident Fly Fishing but if you'd prefer the tying route, check out our Fly Tying Video Material Kits for all of the materials that you need to tie your flies.

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