The Tibor Signature is the latest creation from master reel designer Ted “Tibor” Juracsik. It's a landmark reel, not only because it's new, but also because it's Tibor's first sealed drag, but it's also the world's first cork sealed drag. Ted has one more trick up his sleeve - it's also the only sealed drag that can be taken apart at home for easy service. Here's how it stacks up.


8-Weight Challenge Full Results


9.3 ounces. Heavy. Only the Sage 8080 was heavier.  We were surprised to see it come in so heavy after that much porting.


7.2 lbs on average.  Overall strength was adequate.  Unfortunately, the Tibor Signature exhibited a significant amount of start-up inertia.



Perfect. It's a Tibor after all.


The Tibor Signature has the smallest spool in our test.  Best case scenario, you'll be able to fit 150 yards of backing on with an 8-weight.  The retrieval rate was below average as well.  On the plus side - it's very easy to change spools - a great innovation from Tibor.


When you pick up a Tibor, you know you are picking up a reel responsible for more world records than any other reel.  The Signature is no exception.  It looks and feels great.  Add to that a great handle, 6 finish options and limitless custom engraving, and you've got one solid reel.


Lifetime to the original owner + $25 fee.


Price: $775 - the most expensive reel in our test


Going into the test, we all thought the Tibor Signature was going to be one of the heavy hitters.  It's backed by a storied brand and it looks great, so we were disappointed to find out that the drag wasn't as refined as some of the other reels in the test.  In fact, if you don't need an interchangeable spool, we recommend the Everglades as it has a much smoother drag system.


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  • Outstanding build quality
  • Great Tibor look and feel
  • Sealed Drag


  • Drag had a lot of start-up inertia
  • Heavy
  • Expensive