Tibor Everglades Fly Reel Review

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Nothing says saltwater performance quite like a Tibor.  250+ world records suggest that it's one of the finest reels on the planet.  The Tibor  Everglades did not disappoint.


8-Weight Challenge Full Results


8.9 ounces.  A little on the heavy side - which is to be expected for a reel that was designed some time ago.


While some of the other cork drags in the test did not perform as well as expected, the Tibor Everglades performed marvelously. The drag was smooth and strong.  While the test staff prefers a sealed drag, with a little maintenance, the Tibor will last you for generations.




Tibor sets the standard for reel sound.  It's perfect both incoming and outgoing.


While the Tibor is equipped with a nice narrow spool, it did have the smallest arbor and the slowest retrieve in the test.  Unfortunately, the Tibor Everglades does not have a quick change spool.


Beautiful.  Custom colors offer endless flexibility while the fish and custom engravings allow you to truly personalize your reel.  It's heirloom quality. Tibor's are always front and center in any photo opportunity.  The handle is great as well.


Lifetime to the original owner + $25 fee.


Price: $640


Of all the reels in our test, the Tibor  Everglades is the one most likely to be passed on to the next generation.  It's beautiful and simple and made in the USA.  Combine that with an awesome drag and you're ready to take a photo with that 70lb GT.


Did this review help you decide?  Buy your Tibor here.


  • Beautful finish options
  • Top rung drag strength
  • World-record catching history


  • Small arbor and slow retrieve



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