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TFO has replaced the Axiom with the all-new Blitz as their fast-action, “mid-level of stiffness” fly rod designed to throw big flies and heavy lines at a distance. Since Trident is based in the northeast, we have an affinity for rods designed to fish for Stripers, Albies, and other bait-blitzing species. Needless to say, we were excited to give this rod a spin. Below, you’ll read our findings with the Blitz, and why we think it may just be the best rod TFO has ever made.


TFO Blitz 9’ 8wt Fly Rod
Rio Striper Premier WF8

Fit & Finish

The Blitz is a slick-looking rod with improved componentry that sets it apart from its predecessors. The blank is a deep turquoise with dark blue thread wraps, and silver tipping wraps at each ferrule. Starting at the butt section, we find a durable composite fighting butt, moving up to a double uplocking fully anodized silver aluminum reel seat. We were pleased to find two built-in hookkeepers within the reel seat. The grip is a full wells capped with composite cork, and a composite fighting butt. Alignment dots at each ferrule make for convenient assembly. Lastly, we find REC recoil guides and chromium-impregnated stainless steel snake guides up the rod. 


The 9' 8wt Blitz weighs in at 4.0 oz with an impressively light swing weight of 72 gm². For an 8-weight this ranks pretty high and is certainly noticeable when casting. It is worth noting that, when compared to other saltwater-specific rods of the last five to ten years, this rod might actually be considered a 7-weight due to its weight and power profile. And had this 8-weight rod been labeled a 7-weight, the swing weight wouldn’t be anything to rave about. But, TFO labels this an 8wt so we’ll surmise this is an outstandingly light-feeling rod.


The Blitz is marketed as being designed for long casts with large flies. While we agree with that to an extent - it largely depends on the line you’re casting. In the case of the 9’ 8wt, we found the Rio Outbound short and the SA Titan to be too heavy, leaving the rod feeling extremely overloaded. The Rio Striper line seemed to be the magic taper for this rod, allowing for solid casting in the 80’ range. Overall, the Blitz isn’t a super powerful rod, but it was fun to cast at a distance, with a satisfying amount of feel.


40 feet: The first thing we noticed at close range is that the Blitz is reasonably accurate with a standard SA Bonefish line. And while this rod wasn’t designed to be a close-range precision tool, wade fishing for bonefish with the Blitz wouldn’t be out of the question.

60 feet: At medium distances, we noticed a measurable drop in accuracy. Although this may seem like a negative, keep in mind that fishing to blitzing fish typically doesn’t require pinpoint accuracy or delicacy. The name is making more sense now!

80 feet: At longer distances the Blitz was surprisingly accurate, certainly better than at 60 feet. Again, we weren’t expecting it to be insanely accurate given its purpose, and it appears as though TFO understood the assignment. Paired with a Rio Striper line, this rod could easily be a go-to option for many striper anglers.

Flex & Feel

The TFO Blitz certainly offers up more feel than many fast-action rods on the market today. For the average angler, this is great news as it allows us to more easily hit targets at varying distances with confidence. For more advanced casters, the added feel is a welcomed reprieve from ultra-fast action rods which require more focus and metronomic timing. Overall, the Blitz is an enjoyable rod to cast that allows anglers to throw extra innings due to its incredibly lightweight blank.


TFO Lifetime Warranty


TFO hit the nail on the head with the aptly-named Blitz. They developed a rod that is fun to cast, lightweight, and accurate enough for fishing to blitzing stripers or false albacore. Given its great castability and upgraded componentry, the price tag of $429 is totally reasonable. For anglers who are looking to round out their saltwater arsenal without breaking the bank, the TFO Blitz is a superb option.


  • Solid Value
  • Fun to cast
  • High-Quality Components


  • Line-sensitivity
  • Not super accurate past 60ft