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  1. G. Loomis NRX+ Swim Fly (SF) Review

    G. Loomis NRX+ Swim Fly (SF) Review
    Big flies, shooting heads, and voracious predatory fish are all the rage in the world of fly fishing. The craze was popularized by anglers like Mike Schultz, Kelly Galloup, and Blane Chocklett, who are responsible for tying some of the meanest and ugliest streamers around. Although the ‘streamer junkie’ movement led to rapid advancements in fly design, the specialized equipment needed for this adrenaline-pumping action has failed to keep up. For years, streamer anglers have made do with salt sticks designed for flats fishing. Sight casting to bonefish with a size 6 Gotcha is vastly different from blind casting patterns that are nearly the size of a chicken to apex predators. If the flies, species, and techniques are different, shouldn’t the rods be too?

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