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  1. Sage X Spey Rod Review

    Sage X Spey Rod Review

    Sage has re-worked their flagship series, the Sage ONE, into a more moderate action, caster-friendly rod, the Sage X. Sage designed the X for the every-man trout angler. The X is a departure from the Sage norm of fast-action rods and caters to a wider audience than rods like the Sage Igniter or the Sage ONE. The Sage X two-handed series, or the Spey series, follows the design of the one-handed Sage X rods with some significant departures. Read on to find out how the Sage X Spey Series provides industry-leading power and castability.

  2. Sage X Fly Rod Review

    Sage X Fly Rod Review

    When Sage changes their flagship rod, it’s a big deal in the fly fishing industry. Sage is one of the largest and most innovative rod makers, so everyone is really excited to see what Jerry is going to come up with next. And then of course there are the haters, like my fishing buddy, who, when I mentioned that I had a new Sage X fly rod said, “Meh, it looks like a dressed up Sage ONE.” I can tell you unequivocally that it’s not another Sage ONE. Read on to see what this rod’s all about.

  3. Sage MOD Fly Rod Review

    Sage MOD Fly Rod Review

    Next up in our 2016 Sage Fly Rod review series is perhaps the rod that’s gotten the most attention: The Sage MOD. The MOD is billed as fly fishing’s version of a 7-Iron – a rod that works great for short-to-middle distances. For critics of the ONE, this might be the rod they have been waiting for – a Sage trout rod that works well in close. Read on to find out if this is the rod for you.

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