hatch reel reveiws

  1. Hatch Gen 2 Finatic Fly Reel Review

    Hatch Gen 2 Finatic Fly Reel Review
    Hello, old friend. The Hatch Finatic was the winner of our last 8-weight shootout and it’s been one of our best performing and best-selling reels ever since. To me, Hatch has always set the bar for what a great saltwater reel should be. This year they changed things up a bit by introducing the “new” Gen 2 Finatic. It’s got the same (more or less) exterior, but a totally new interior. Is that enough to fend off the competition for another 5 years? Find out.
  2. Hatch 4 Plus Fly Reel Review

    Hatch 4 Plus Fly Reel Review
    Hatch. One of the finest reel makers in the business. We know this, not because their made in the USA, not because we've spent hours with them on the flats, and not because we're Hatch fans (well, we kind of are), but because the 7-Plus won our 8-weight Reel Shootout. But, as we've said repeatedly, trout is a different game with different rules. We're eager to find out hot the 4 Plus measures up to its big brother.

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