Baitfish Fly Patterns

We've collected some of the most essential baitfish fly patterns in both fresh and saltwater right here on the Trident Blog. These posts offer detailed how-to-tie information including photos, pictures, step-by-step instructions, videos, and much more. If you're wondering how to tie the most productive baitfish patterns in fly fishing, look here first. This collection is often updated so check back for more tutorials.

  1. How to Tie Ray's Fly Pattern

    How to Tie Ray's Fly Pattern
    Ray's Fly is another saltwater streamer pattern that can be used in a variety of angling scenarios. A perfect imitation of smaller baitfish, this pattern is deadly on a host of saltwater species. Again, this pattern can be tweaked and tied with different colors depending on what species of baitfish you're trying to imitate. Watch Jared deliver step-by-step instructions to tie the Ray's Fly.
  2. How to Tie the Rump Shaker Fly

    How to Tie the Rump Shaker Fly
    The Rump Shaker is a Redfish fly that's really designed to imitate a fleeing shrimp (although fish eat it as a crab or a baitfish, too). This fly has a great profile in the water and moves a lot of water to attract large Redfish when the water is 1-3 feet deep. Jared has thrown a weed guard on this version to make it a perfect fly for the Louisiana marsh, the coast of Texas, or anywhere else you're likely to find Redfish in shallow water conditions. Learn how to tie this modern Redfish fly including step-by-step instructions, a materials list, and more.
  3. How to Tie a Surf Candy Saltwater Streamer Fly

    How to Tie a Surf Candy Saltwater Streamer Fly
    The Surf Candy is a popular pattern in the northeast for Albies and Stripers in the marsh. This particular version is built with an Epoxy head that allows it to swim straight and true in the water. Whether you're targeting Stripers, Albies, or other predatory baitfish, this fly catches the attention of fish from a long way off. Plus, it's easy to tie! Tune in as Jared provides step-by-step instructions for a Bob Popovics classic.
  4. How to Tie Tim Borski's Butterfly

    How to Tie Tim Borski's Butterfly
    Borski's Butterfly is a pattern that's similar to the Borski Slider, a Redfish fly we've already tied on our channel. The Butterfly is another phenomenal Redfish pattern and fools large fish in muddy marsh-like environments. This is a great fly for Redfish along the eastern coast of the US and even as far south as Louisiana. Learn the steps necessary for crafting the perfect Butterfly Streamer including a materials list, recommendations, and more.
  5. How to Tie Chicone's Midnight Special Fly

    How to Tie Chicone's Midnight Special Fly
    Chicone's Midnight Special Fly is a stellar pattern for imitating small baitfish in a saltwater setting. This fly is great for Snook under dock lights and a host of other species. If you're chasing Stripers, Redfish, Tarpon, and more, this fly is a great floating pattern to entice picky fish. Tune in as Jared provides step-by-step instructions to tie this simple pattern that should be in every saltwater angler's fly box.
  6. How to Tie the Grass Monkey Streamer Fly

    How to Tie the Grass Monkey Streamer Fly
    This versatile pattern moves water to attract Bull Redfish from a mile away... Well, almost. If you're looking for a pattern that creates a commotion and pushes water, you've found it. The Grass Monkey is designed to sink and hover which makes it a great fly for fish feeding in shallow water or near the surface. The large head of the fly creates a big push of water to attract the big-mouthed predators on the block. Redfish will eat this fly as a baitfish, shrimp, and sometimes even a fleeing crab. Tune in as Jared teaches us how to tie the Grass Monkey with step-by-step instructions with photos, a video, and much more.
  7. Fly Fishing for Winter Redfish in New Orleans: A Trip Report (Full Length)

    Fly Fishing for Winter Redfish in New Orleans: A Trip Report (Full Length)
    Monster Redfish don't come easy. We learned that the hard way during our 2020 New Years trip to New Orleans to fish for Redfish on the fly. Weather, water conditions, storms, and more required plan changes, city exploration, and tough fishing. That being said, we found some trophy fish that made the whole trip worthwhile. Read on to get the full report including advice, recommendations, tons of photos, and much more.
  8. How to Tie Gartside's Gurgler

    How to Tie Gartside's Gurgler
    The Gurgler is a great pattern for aggressive fish in both freshwater and saltwater. This fly can imitate a frog, mouse, and more for Bass laid up on weed beds or Redfish in the marsh. This fly can either be stripped aggressively to fool ambush feeders or defensive fish like Pike or stripped slowly to imitate a baitfish. However you fish it, this is one of the most popular fly patterns for aggressive fish. It can be tied in a variety of styles and colors... here's our take including videos, photos, step-by-step instructions, and much more.
  9. How to Tie a Matuka Streamer Fly Pattern

    How to Tie a Matuka Streamer Fly Pattern
    Small stream Trout beware... this streamer gets CRUSHED in shallow water. The Matuka streamer is originally a New Zealand pattern and is made to imitate a Sculpin or small baitfish. This pattern works well across the US and beyond for trout looking for a protein-filled meal. This pattern can be stripped or swung and creates a nice profile in the water. If you're doing any trout fishing it's worth carrying a few of these in your box. Read on to find out how to tie this killer trout pattern including step-by-step instructions, videos, and more.
  10. How to Tie a Rhody Flatwing Streamer Fly

    How to Tie a Rhody Flatwing Streamer Fly
    The Rhody Flatwing is a stellar saltwater pattern that can be tweaked to imitate a variety of saltwater baitfish. This pattern is perfect for Stripers, flats fish, and can even be used in freshwater for Bass. Simple streamer patterns are a staple in saltwater fishing and this fly should be in every avid angler's fly box. Tune in as Jared shows the necessary steps to tie this famous pattern.

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