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We had the chance to take the Scott F Series 6' 6" 3wt out on the water the other day and thought we'd give you our opinion of the rod in a quick take format. Scott has been making fiberglass rods since the company's inception in the 1970s. These rods feature beautiful construction, state-of-the-art componentry, and rod tech that's been evolving with the times since the 70s. The newest version of the rod is a real pleasure to cast. Read on to find out what else we liked about this short 3wt fiberglass beauty.


Scott F Series 6' 6" 3wt Fly Rod
Douglas Argus Fly Reel
Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Line

Fit & Finish

These rods are a real work of art. The fiery orange blank and expertly designed reel seat scream fiberglass. Add Fuji SiC Stripping Guides with Titanium frames, universal snake guides, and a CNC milled aluminum reel seat with a cork insert and it's easy to see that Scott is at the top of the componentry game with this rod.


Because we've never weighed a 6' 6" 3wt, we don't have anything to compare the F Series to. But it feels light. The rod weighs in at 2.15 ounces with a swing weight of 27.8 gm2.


There's not much to say about the distance capabilities of this rod. The 3wt F Series has about a 40-foot range but don't expect it to be a rod that casts larger dry flies in windy conditions. Focus on fish inside 30-feet when using the F Series and choose rivers that allow you to do that.


The Royal Wulff Triangle Taper was a great fly line pairing for this 3wt fiberglass rod. This line is great for casting small dry flies and roll casts well in brushy environments with limited backcasting room. The rod was quite accurate when partnered with the Triangle Taper and had a nice, lively action. If you'd rather throw larger flies or a nymph, we'd suggest upgrading to a RIO Gold fly line.

A heavier fly line will improve accuracy with heavier flies and will also help bring maximum feedback and feel out of this rod. Again, the F Series isn't going to be accurate at longer distances but that's not what Scott designed it for. Overall, we were impressed with the lively action on the short 3wt and think it'll be a fun rod to fish on small backcountry streams or your local brook trout water.

Flex & Feel

Feedback and feel are a major selling point for a lot of glass rods. Fiberglass allows anglers to slow down their casting stroke, present flies with finesse and delicacy, and get away from powerful fast action graphite tech. This F Series follows that generalization. It's a moderate action rod that flexes deep into the butt section (with the right line) and encourages a ton of feedback and feel. It's not a fast action rod by any means but maintains the ability to roll cast small flies and target fish that are hard to reach.


Scott Lifetime Warranty




We really enjoyed taking this spunky little 3wt to our local trout stream to film/write this quick take. This rod promises to make small stream trout angling much more enjoyable and presents small flies beautifully. If you're in the market for a new rod to fish your local streams, consider the F Series. If you're a backpacker after high mountain trout, this may be the best option on the market.

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  • Classic Fiberglass construction
  • Limitless backpacking/backcountry applications


  • Highly specialized


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