Ok. First things first, I need to clear the air. Andrew over at Deneki wrote a great review of the 7126 Method. But he got one very important thing wrong – the name. We all know that a lightsaber is an elegant weapon (as is that method), but it’s designed for close in work, not distance. So, I’ve dubbed it the “Star Destroyer” (Empire was the best movie after all) for more cinematographic accuracy.


I took the Method up to Gaspe for the last few days of the season, and was thrilled with its performance – as were the fish.


Here’s what I was fishing:


As with all Sage’s, the finish is great. As you’ve noticed, it’s red. The more I fish with it, the less I notice. Your friends might joke about it until you’re out casting them by 30 feet. The cork is superb and it’s equipped with a black down-locking reel seat.


It weighs in at 6.5 ounces. It’s super light and feels just as light in hand. Definitely a rod that I’d want to cast all day.


Distance on the Method was certainly limited only by the ability of the caster and the size of the river. On flat stretches of the Bonaventure, I was able to cast well over 100 feet with ease. It’s phenomenal.

Flex & Feel

I prefer my spey rods to have a “stiff” tip (particularly for Skagit-style casts), and more flex in the mid-section, down to the grip. The Method flexes, exactly like this. The technology that makes the single-handers so fast, gives the spey and switch rods the perfect action. More importantly, Sage’s Konnetic technology gives you great feel as the rod loads.


When it comes to fighting a fish, the Method is fantastic. It easily handled 20lb beasts on the Cascapedia.

Line Match

The 525gr Skagit Max was great while I was casting a heavy sink tip, but felt a little light with a floating tip. Back home, I tested it with the 550gr Skagit Max which was perfect. For Scandi casting, I paired it with the new 510gr Rio Scandi, which was also a perfect fit.




Price: $975


The new Sage Method is simply incredible. It’s easy to use, has massive power, and is super light. I’m sure there are people who will find faults (probably those with slower casting strokes), but I can’t find one. It’s the finest spey rod I’ve ever cast. There are no limits to this rod.


  • Frankly, everything. It:
  • Casts perfectly in both Skagit and Scandi
  • Is super light
  • Is Forgiving enough for even the novice spey caster


  • Sure, it’s expensive, but sometimes it’s just plain worth it.
  • Smaller rivers need not apply.


Oh, and it can handle big fish…