Sage has marketed its new Sage Domain as "Marrying tradition with advanced design." It's a full cage reel with a large arbor and modern looks. So, who cares? Full cage reels have a few advantages - they're stronger and they don't let line 'slip through' the reel. It's great for thin running lines and spey casting, but how does it work for trout? Read on to find out.   5-Weight Challenge Full Results


6.2 ounces. Really, really, heavy.


  The Domain came in with 1.52lbs of drag, which is one of the weakest in the test. On the plus side, it's pretty smooth. Don't take it steelheading though...





The Domain sounds fairly similar to the other Sage reels. It's nice, but not best in class.


The Domain was fairly average in terms of spool design. It's got a reasonably fast retrieve at 7.6 inches per turn, and holds an estimated 200 yards of backing. Easily enough room for that 3-4 weight Skagit line.


The Domain is definitely an upgrade  over the 4200 in the look and feel department. While they are both made in the same factory, the Domain both looks and feels like a higher quality reel.


Handle: The handle is a little shorter than the best of the best.   Drag Knob: Like the 2200 and 3200 series, the Domain has a great drag knob, and it's really easy to grab   Spool Change: Quick change spool is very easy to use, but not as easy as a one-button release.

The Drop

Average. Strong divots, but minimal scratching. As you'd expect from a full cage, there was no damage.


Lifetime to the original owner + $30   Price: $340


Looking back on this test, the Domain is one reel that doesn't really fit in. It's more of a lightweight spey reel than an all-around trout reel. We did, however, uncover some interesting data that you might want to know if you're considering the Domain for a trout switch setup. Namely, a drag that doesn't really hold up. The only reason to put this reel on your Hardy Zenith is if you really need to have a full cage. I can't see a reason why you would.   Did this review help your decision? If so, get yours here.


  • Good ergonomics
  • Smooth drag


  • Not nearly enough drag strength
  • Too heavy for a trout reel.