Sage Accel Fly Rod Review

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Sage’s 2nd most popular rod introduction for 2015 is the all new Accel. The Accel replaces the VXP in Sage’s lineup and is built with Gen 5 technology, just like the old, but still popular, Z-Axis. It’s also green, like the Z-Axis. Since this is the year of re-packaged rods (check out our review on the Winston Nexus),  is the Accel a re-packaged Z-Axis?


We got to try the 590-4 Sage Accel at iCast and decide for ourselves.


Keep the reviews coming – buy your Accel here.

Fit and Finish

Fit and finish was one of the most noticeable upgrades over the VXP. The new Accel has an all new snub-nosed half-wells grip (think a thinner, more comfy version of a full wells grip) that fits right in with the rest of Sage’s lineup. You’ll see the same green blank that you loved on the VXP (maybe a shade lighter) and all of the same great components and made in the USA finishing that you’ve come to expect from Sage. It’s also got a thinner shaft than the previous model, which makes it cut through the wind better and looks great!


The 9’ 5-weight Accel weighs in at 2.9 ounces which is a little lighter than the VXP was. It’s a very light rod that’s a pleasure to cast.


Like the VXP, the Accel is not a long distance champ. It’s really where the Accel starts to diverge from the Z-Axis. The Z-axis was a fast rod; the Accel is more of a medium action. It’s got enough backbone to hit 70’, but if you’re making that cast all day long, you’re going to want something faster.


The Accel had great accuracy at all of the key distances, but it work particularly well in the 30-50’ range. I can’t wait to get this rod into our product testing lab to see how the Accel performs compared to other rods in its class.

Flex & Feel

To answer the question originally posed at the beginning of this post (and on various forums) one only needs to make one cast. The Z-axis was a fast, stiff rod, similar to the Sage ONE. The Accel is more moderate, I’d call it definitively medium action. It’s got a soft tip that works well in close and progresses nicely though the mid-section, with solid power in the butt section. In the Sage family, it sits somewhere between the ONE and the Circa in terms of flex, but without the super-fast recovery that you see on the Konnetic rods.


Lifetime and still just $50, like all Sage rods.


Price: $595


I really enjoyed casting the Sage Accel. It’s a solid upgrade to the VXP, but more importantly it’s not a dumbed down version of the ONE, or even a re-packaged Z-Axis. My guess is that it’s going to be the new favorite Sage for a lot of casters out there. Namely, anyone who thinks the ONE is too fast and wants a little more versatility than the Circa. As we found out in our 5-weight Shootout, most anglers prefer the added feel that comes with a more moderate rod.


Line Recommendation: Some anglers will like this rod with a GPX line, but I would recommend a standard weight line, like Rio Gold which will work well with the moderate action.


  • A Sage that will work well for the average angler.
  • Nice cosmetic upgrades over the VXP


  • Is $600 really a price point rod now?


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