Sage 6080 Fly Reel Review

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The Sage 6000 Series fly reel has long been Sage's benchmark saltwater fly reel.  While Sage is well known for their fly rods, not a lot has been said about their reels.  With the 8000 Pro as the new flagship series, we knew that the 6000 wasn't likely to be their top performer, but we were still curious to see how it measured up.


8-Weight Challenge Full Results


7.5 ounces - about average.


4.3 lbs. We were fairly surprised to see that the 6080 had so little drag, particularly when compared to the Sage 1880. Nevertheless, the drag is nicely sealed and delivers all of its power in one turn, which is a plus.



Again, nothing to write home about, but not bad.


The Sage 6080's spool was a little above average in terms of volume.  You can safely use it with 9-weight lines as well as 8.  Retrieve was nice and quick.


The spool is easy to remove and replace.


Whereas we never liked the look of the 6000 series in the past, the updated paint job and the new "Sage Black" coloration is actually pretty nice! The handle is nice as well.


Lifetime to the original owner + $50 fee.


Price: $600


At Trident, we've never been a big fan of the looks on the Sage 6080, but the new finish has made us reconsider.  The reel was about average across the board, with a below average drag strength. If it's got to be Sage, go for the 8080 Pro instead.


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  • Updated looks are a big improvement
  • Plenty of room for extra line


  • Expensive for a reel that's made in Korea
  • Drag strength leaves a lot to be desired



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