Ross Momentum LT Fly Reel Review

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Ross Reels have made a wave in the trout fishing world. The Ross Momentum LT fly reel is Ross's latest foray into the saltwater world.  It's got great looks and awesome sound.  Let's see if it's the next wave on the flats...


8-Wt Challenge Full Results


7.85 ounces. A little heavy, but still in the right ballpark.


The Ross Momentum LT is advertised as Ross's "heavy hitter" in the drag department. While we knew it wasn't sealed, we did have high expectations for the Momentum in terms of drag strength. When the results came in at 7.26 lbs - about average - it left us wanting a little more. Curiously, the drag is a bit difficult to set and often requires more than a few twists.



It's got a nice rolling click on the retrieve and a drag sound on the way out. It's great. One of our favorites.


The Momentum is a true 8-weight in terms of size - I definitely wouldn't try to put extra backing on it. In a curious design choice, the Momentum has a smaller arbor than we would have expected, consequently, the retrieve was also slow. The spool is easy to replace.


The Momentum looks and feels great. It's top notch and comes complete with a comfortable saltwater handle.


Lifetime to the original owner + $20 fee.


Price: $470


While the drag wasn't as strong as we would have liked the Ross Momentum LT is, nevertheless, a solid contender, though the test didn't show it. Its overall score was hurt by a lack of sealed drag and slower retrieve.


It's got a solid drag, a small price tag and great looks. We recommend it.


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  • Solid Drag
  • Good Looks
  • Amazing sounds


  • Slow retrieve
  • Unsealed drag



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