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Redington has come out with a ‘transitional fly rod’; the Redington Vice is a fly rod you go to when fly fishing starts to become a lifestyle and not just a hobby. Appropriately named, the Vice leads anglers away from casual engagement and toward fly fishing addiction. Redington combines a fast-action blank with classic componentry to present an affordable, do-it-all fly rod series. We cast this rod at ICast and we’re pretty excited about it. Read on to find out why.




Fit and Finish



The Vice sports a black anodized aluminum reel seat with laser engraving. Laser engraving helps quickly identify rod models and line weights for easy grab-and-go capabilities. The Vice also has a nice cork half wells grip; the cork on the handle of the Vice is very comfortable without a lot of pitting. The rod has a green blank with gold and black accents. The componentry on the Vice is solid but doesn’t stand out like higher-priced sage rods. The rod has standard chrome stripping and snake guides.




The Vice is alright at long distances. The rod blank was created to shoot line long distances, and it succeeds in doing so, especially on calm days. In some ways, it would’ve been nice to have faster recovery speed and faster line speed at distance for windy weather conditions. That being said, casting the Vice at longer distances without wind was pleasant.




The Vice struggles with accuracy at 30 feet. The rod feels clunky and a bit heavy at this short distance, however, we sort of expect fast action blanks to be designed for longer distances. At 45 feet, the Vice is an accuracy weapon. The Vice is designed for this typical trout distance and allows an experienced angler to hit his/her target every time. The rod is also forgiving and caters to the intermediate angler, a strength purposefully designed by Redington. Overall, this rod is superbly accurate and great for throwing streamers, large nymph setups, and even dry flies.


Flex and Feel


The Vice is a bit heavier than top-end rods. Weight makes the rod feel bulky and cumbersome at times but allows the angler to extend his/her casts or throw large flies. Generally, fast action rods lack flex and feel at short distances, and the Vice is no different. The rod blank is designed for medium/long distance casting and the Vice is silky smooth beyond 30 feet. The rod’s fast action design encourages a quick casting stroke.


Line Choice


Scientific Anglers Mastery MPX is our favorite trout line and worked well on the Vice.




Lifetime, original owner warranty.









Redington designed the Vice as an all-around rod for the aspiring angler. The Vice succeeds in its mission to provide pinpoint accuracy at important distances while maintaining a forgiving casting stroke for the intermediate angler. Redington has always taken affordability seriously, and at this price point, the Vice may be one of the best rods on the market today. If you’re new to the sport, watch out; Redington’s detailed creation may just become your new vice.




  • Price point
  • Superbly accurate at important trout distances



  • The Vice is a bit heavy and clunky at short distances