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Redington’s niche is creating high-performance rods and reels at a very reasonable price, and the Redington Run certainly aligns with that ethos. The Run is Redington’s entry-level metal fly reel. Not to be confused with Redington’s plastic entry-level reels; the I.D., and the Crosswater, the Run features a cast aluminum frame and spool with some thoughtful design features. Keep reading to learn more about this value-packed reel from Redington.

Pros & Cons


  • Excellent value! For under $130, you get a lot of bang for your buck.
  • Solid performance with quick line pickup, and fairly lightweight.
  • It boasts a modern and stylish appearance, likely to appeal to younger anglers.


  • Cast aluminum construction won’t be the most durable over time.
  • The drag isn’t sealed, so stick to freshwater applications.
  • Very muted drag. We prefer audible feedback when it comes to drag clicks.

Who It’s For

The Redington Run is ideal for budget-minded anglers focused on freshwater fishing, offering quick line pickup in a lightweight, all-aluminum package. Younger anglers and beginners will appreciate the Run’s attainable price tag, and seasoned vets might also grab a Run as a backup reel that won’t break the bank.


The Redington Run weighs only 4.8 ounces in the 5/6 size. This is great for a reel that costs under $130. We typically expect entry-level cast aluminum reels to be on the heavier side, but Redington has managed to make the Run lighter with increased porting in the spool and frame.



You’ll get about 3-5 pounds of drag pressure from the Redington Run, which is adequate for a beginner freshwater reel. Sure, you won’t want to use this reel for Bonefishing, but given the unsealed drag, it's not recommended for saltwater use. Overall, the Run features plenty of stopping power for trout and other freshwater species.


The drag clicks, both incoming and outgoing, are quite muted on the Redington Run. This isn’t our favorite drag sound by any means, as we usually prefer a more audible click to provide some feedback. Of course, this is subjective and you may prefer a hushed drag sound.

Spool & Cage Design


The Run features a true large arbor spool which equates to respectable line retrieval. The spool features a maximum diameter of 3.3”, an arbor diameter of 2.3”, and a width of 0.9”. These specs will result in roughly 7.85 inches of line pickup per revolution, which is great for an entry-level reel!

The Redington Run’s cage is a standard open cage design that features the unique Y-shape also found in the Redington Rise fly reel. This is a functional cage that should be used with conventional fly lines, but it may encounter some line slip if used with long euro-nymphing leaders or thin trout-spey running lines.

Looks & Ergonomics

We like the ergonomics of the Redington Run, which features an adequately grippy drag knob and a rubber-coated handle. If we’re nitpicking, we’d make the drag knob and the handle a bit larger, though they are serviceable for freshwater applications. We think this is a cool-looking reel that will resonate with the younger crowd, especially considering its painted matte color options. Just remember that this is not an anodized finish, so it will scratch more easily than premium reels if dropped or abused.


Redington Fly Reel Warranty


Price: $119.99

We see tremendous value for the money in the Redington Run. Sure, it isn’t made in the USA, and it doesn’t include a sealed drag, but very few if any entry-level reels do. If you compare the Run to other reels in this price range, you’ll quickly realize that the Run’s line retrieval and lightweight build make it a solid option in the budget category. If stretching every dollar is important to you, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal than the Redington Run.



The Redington Run impressed us for a reel that costs under $130. With features like a fast line pickup and an overall lightweight build, the Run offers high performance for a low price. That being said, it would be great if Redington could include a sealed drag or a closed-cage design for the same price, but beggars can’t be choosers. Ultimately, the Run offers a great package for beginners and budget-minded anglers who want more than a plastic, mid-arbor reel. It’s fair to say that Redington continues to raise the bar for entry-level fly reels, and the Run is a great example of its innovation.

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