If you’ve read our review of the Vapen, then you know about what I like to call “The New Redington”. If you haven’t, here are the cliff notes: the new Redington rods are fantastic. The Redington Butter Stick makes up one part of the awesome threesome.   Here’s the scoop. It’s fiberglass (the first rod made from “T-Glass”, whatever that means). It’s slow-ish. It’s cheap. Read more to find out what we think.


Fit and Finish

The Butter Stick has a traditional yellow blank that everyone seems to be painting their fiberglass rods these days. The cork is nice and the wraps are tight. Finish is totally in line with what you’d expect from Redington. The slip fittings and traditional cork reel seat are an interesting choice. Personally, I always feel like the reel is going to fall off without a double uplock. Overall, this is a nice looking rod, but not so nice that you thought you spent $700 on it.


The 370-4 weighs in at 2.1 ounces. Sure, it’s not the lightest 3-weight out there, but at this price, what did you expect?   As with all 3-weights, it’s super light in hand.  


This is NOT a distance casting rod. Realistically, we’re talking about a 40’ maximum usable range, if that. Not bad for glass, though.


The Butter Stick has a lot of accuracy at short distances. Because it’s made of glass, you get a massive amount of feel for those close in shots. It’s great at 20-30’. Once you get beyond 35’ it just has too much bounce in the tip and not enough power to hit targets.

Flex & Feel

Glass rods are all slow, but the Butter Stick is faster than a standard glass rod. This gives it a more modern feel than the rod you grew up casting. Yes, you’re going to have to slow down your casting stroke a little, but not *too* much. It still has a lot more flex than your standard graphite rod which gives it great feel. Not to mention that 12” brookie will feel like a whale.


Redington lifetime warranty - $30. Excellent.   Price: $249.95


The Redington Butter Stick is a fantastic rod for small stream enthusiasts, fiberglass lovers, or anyone looking to try something new. It’s not the only a great rod to cast, but it's pretty to look at, and won't hurt your wallet too much. Simply put: go get one.   I didn’t get the chance to cast it next to any high-end glass rods, but I would imagine that from a performance perspective, there’s no way you’re going to get 3x your money.   Pair this rod with Rio's Trout LT fly line for the perfect small stream combo.


  • T-Glass gives the rod a more modern action
  • Perfect for small streams and dries
  • Great price + warranty


  • As you’d expect, not an all-around rod.
  • Slip fittings on reel seat may not appeal to all.