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  1. TFO BVK 9' 8-weight Review

    Introduction If you’re around any fly shop long enough, you get to know the local gear junkies – the guys who really know (or want to know) everything about the latest and greatest tackle. These are the guys who hid paychecks from their wives to pick up the Hardy Zenith last spring.   And when it comes to saltwater –...
  2. R.L. Winston Boron IIIx 9' 5-Weight Review

    R.L. Winston Boron IIIx 9' 5-Weight Review
    The Winston Boron IIIx follows in the footsteps of it's predecessor, the BIIX. Both are light, medium/fast-action rods that not only set the standard for construction and finish, but also cast as good as they look. When Winston started designing the new B3x they intended it to be faster and more powerful than the BIIX. They succeeded.   Here's the outfit...
  3. Sage ONE 9' 5-weight Review

    Sage ONE 9' 5-weight Review
    The Sage ONE is the other 5-weight that everyone was talking about in 2012. It’s Sage’s signature rod, and when Jerry Siem (Sage’s rod designer) designs a fly rod like this – he does it right. It’s all Sage. Fast. Light. Accurate. The feel was a solid upgrade from the Z-axis as well. Keep reading to for the details.
  4. Sage Circa Review

    Sage Circa Review
      This is the review you’ve all been waiting for. The Trident staff finally got a chance to cast the new Sage Circa at IFTD, and we were definitely impressed. But we weren’t the only ones, apparently, because the Circa won the award for Best New Fly Rod!   This review is based on the 589-4, but the 4-weights should...
  5. Waterworks-Lamson 2013 Preview

    We have another exciting 2013 preview for you.  Waterworks Lamson has three new reels for 2013.  The Lamson Arx Fly Reel brings a new level of performance for Spey and switch anglers.  The Lamson Speedster Fly Reel mates classic Lamson performance with a much larger arbor.  Finally, the every popular Lamson Konic Fly Reel gets a makeover.   We'll be...
  6. Sage 2013 Fly Rod Lineup

      The rumors are over.  Sage has unveiled it's 2013 line-up with 4 new rods and a few new reels.  We'll have another post on the new reels, but here's a first look at some of the new rods.  An interesting note: Sage has completely done away with their 2-piece rods for 2013.  Photos will be posted shortly.   We'll...
  7. Quick Take: Greys XF2 Streamflex 10' #4 Review

    The Greys XF2 Streamflex 10' #4 is a great rod for someone looking to get into Czech nymphing without the high price tag. It's versatile enough to throw the occasional dry or streamer.
  8. Sage TXL-F 000710-4 Review: The World's Lightest Fly Rod

    My latest acquisition... How I covet thee.  I've finally had enough time to get out on the water and cast the world's lightest (line weight) fly rod: the Sage TXL-F 000710-4. Here's the outfit I was using:   Sage TXL-F 7'10" 000-weight Sage Click I Rio Trout LT 000 Double Taper (the only choice really) Fit and Finish Sage does an...
  9. Scientific Angler's Sharkskin GPX Review - 2012

    I've now had about 5 days on the water with SA's marquee Sharkskin GPX fly line.  I can honestly say, I'm hooked (pun intended).   As usual, I was fishing with the Trident Signature Trout Outfit, which consists or: 9' 5wt Hardy Zenith Lamson Vanquish 4.5LT What is Sharkskin?   Sharkskin is 3M/Scientific Anglers' proprietary fly line texture.  It's rough...
  10. Fishing Marble Canyon

    Trident Fly Fishing's Ben Freeman had a chance to fish Marble Canyon with Kyle Klemme of Marble Canyon Outfitters.  The scenery was spectacular, but the fishing was better.  20+ Rainbows! All thanks to Trident's Signature Trout Outfit: Hardy Zenith 9' 5wt Lamson Vanquish 4.5LT SA Sharkskin GPX    

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