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Most anglers know Lamson for their lineup of popular reels, but only a few know them for their fly rods. The Lamson Radius aims to change that, introducing a trout rod with tons of feel, functional componentry, and a super high-tech reel seat. At its core, the Radius was designed to be a playful rod that reminds you why you love fly fishing: it's fun! With a reasonable mid-range price tag and Lamson’s solid rod warranty, you’ll see why many anglers sing high praises of the Lamson Radius. Keep reading to dive into the details of this enjoyable rod from Lamson.


Lamson Radius Fly Rod

Lamson Liquid Fly Reel

Rio Gold Elite Fly Line

Fit & Finish

The Radius is a handsome and practical rod with no excessive frills at first glance. The blank is a dark smoke color with a dark pearl finish, matching dark smoke threading, and chartreuse accent thread wraps at each ferrule. The reel seat is what Lamson calls “Lockdown”, a proprietary technology that features machined rails which never allow your reel to loosen. This sophisticated reel seat is dark smoke anodized with an onyx wood insert. The grip is a modified Ritz profile, featuring flor-grade cork. For fans of Sage grips, this snub nose half-wells grip will feel comfortable and familiar. A SiC stripping guide leads up to smoke-finished hard chrome snake guides up to the rod tip. While the overall componentry and built quality don’t rival that of high-end rods, they’re functional and stay true to the Lamson ethos.


As a moderate-action fly rod, the Lamson Radius wasn’t built for bombing out long casts. That being said, we found the rod capable of placing 60’ casts effectively, as long as you slow down your casting stroke accordingly. This certainly wouldn’t be our first choice for trout fisheries requiring lots of distance casting, but it isn't too shabby for the occasional long-range shot.


Lamson prioritized accuracy with the Radius. At typical trout-fishing ranges of 30’ to 45’, the rod is incredibly accurate. Like, “lay your size 20 emerger two feet in front of that sipper”, accurate. To say this would be a deadly dry fly rod on a western tailwater might be an understatement. 

Even at 60’, the Radius remains decently accurate. We were impressed by Lamson’s commitment to accuracy even at these further distances.

For the most pinpoint fly placement within 45’, we found pairing the rod with a Rio Gold Elite or a Rio Gold Premier line was best. If you’ll be consistently throwing longer distances, you should consider a line with a longer head, like Rio’s Technical Trout, or a Wulff Triangle Taper.

Flex & Feel

By far the crown jewel of the Lamson Radius is its feel. A dry-fly specialist at its core, this magic wand is best suited for anglers with a mellow casting stroke. And despite having a deeper flex point, the Radius still manages to have quick tip-recovery, resulting in a crisp feel. Being lightweight also contributes to the pleasurable nature of the rod, with a swing weight of 61.5 gm2 which is surprisingly light for a mid-range priced rod. If you’re looking for an easygoing rod that makes throwing small dries a breeze, this may be the right choice.


As of 2023, the Lamson lifetime warranty covers any defect in material or workmanship for the original owner of the rod. If you break it, Lamson promises to complete your repair within 2 weeks of receiving the rod. 


In today’s market, it's rare to find great-performing dry fly rods at an affordable price. Lamson has managed to do just that, offering up a mid-priced gem of a dry fly stick that will make you want to spend weeks chasing risers. Compared to previous Lamson rod models, this seems like a huge step in the right direction. 


  • Exceptional accuracy at close-to-mid range
  • Fun to cast
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent Value


  • Long distance performance 
  • Standard Componentry