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Lamson has been edging their way into the saltwater reel market more and more over the past few years, releasing the Litespeed M which sports quick retrieve and a lightweight design at a reasonable price. Now, Lamson is kicking it up a notch with the all-new Hyperspeed M - a saltwater-specific reel with an insanely large arbor. This isn’t just a facelift from the Litespeed M, this is a vastly improved reel with impressive performance for saltwater fishing applications. In this review, we’ll dive into the features of the new Hyperspeed, and why we think it's a serious competitor in the premium reel category moving forward.

Pros & Cons


  • The fastest retrieve of any Lamson fly reel ever made. This reel offers extremely quick line pickup!
  • Weighing under 7 ounces, it's exceptionally lightweight for a saltwater-specific reel. 
  • It features a powerful, sealed drag with approximately 8-10 pounds of maximum stopping power in the 8wt model.


  • Size: with a massive arbor comes a massive overall size. This 8wt reel takes up more space than many 11/12wt reels.
  • The spool release knob is small and awkward to use by hand. Not ideal for making frequent spool changes on the water.

Who It’s For

The Lamson Hyperspeed M is ideal for saltwater anglers who need the absolute fastest line retrieval and a powerful drag in a lightweight package. Think big Bonefish, Permit, Barracuda, and much more. Additionally, this reel would make a solid backup for Tarpon or GT anglers who want something lightweight that is less expensive than a Hatch or a Mako.


At 6.83 ounces, the Hyperspeed M is remarkably lightweight, especially for its size. Unlike most saltwater reels, which sacrifice weight for a stout drag, the Hyperspeed offers both a lightweight design and a robust drag system. For comparison, the Hatch Iconic 7+ weighs 8.4 ounces, and the Seigler BFN weighs 10.2 ounces. For anglers who want a very lightweight flats reel, the Hyperspeed M is hard to beat.



The sealed drag system on the Hyperspeed M is very strong, somewhere in the 8-10lb range in the 8wt model. This pressure is more than sufficient to slow down Bonefish, Permit, and even Tarpon. It takes about 1.5 turns to go from minimum to maximum drag, which is fairly standard. While some anglers may prefer a single-turn drag and others a bit more adjustability, 1.5 turns is a nice middle-ground, offering fine-tuned adjustments without lots of searching. 


The Hyperspeed M features a slightly differentiated click on the incoming and outgoing retrieves. Overall, the sound is pleasing, though we would prefer it to be slightly louder and more distinct.

Spool & Cage Design


The spool design of the Lamson Hyperspeed M is what makes it extremely unique. This is, by far, the largest spool in an 8wt reel we’ve seen, sporting a whopping 4.83-inch maximum diameter. The spool measures 0.9 inches wide, with a 3.83-inch arbor diameter. These specifications equate to approximately 13.2 inches of line pick-up per revolution, which is insane. This retrieval rate is faster than every reel in our 11/12wt Big Game Reel Shootout. Whether you’re hunting for trophy Bonefish on the flats of Christmas Island or chasing Permit in Ascension Bay, you’ll have no issues picking up fly line when a fish decides to run toward you.

The Hyperspeed’s open cage is almost nonexistent. Its ultra-ported design is more air than material, contributing to its lightweight. Although we couldn’t test the durability of the cage when dropped, we’d guess it isn’t as durable as something like a Seigler or a Sage Enforcer, despite being fully machined aluminum. If you’re prone to dropping your reel on hard coral or rocky beaches, you may consider a more beefed-up tool than the Hyperspeed M.

Looks & Ergonomics

The Lamson Hyperspeed M is a great-looking reel, as long as its large size doesn’t deter you. It looks sleek and fast, like a sports car of saltwater fly reels. It’s currently offered in one color option - Coastal - which is a metallic gray spool and frame with a turquoise-green drag housing and drag knob.

Ergonomically, the Hyperspeed is solid, but not the best on the market. It features a large, comfortable handle that’s easy to find quickly, although we’d like it to be a bit bigger. The same goes for the drag knob, which is plenty adequate for use, but considering the size of the spool could be much larger with a grippier textured bezel. Like other Lamson reels, the spool release knob is small and difficult to turn if it’s tightly secured. Fortunately, Lamson provides a tool for loosening the spool knob. While it’s not the most convenient solution on the water, it works for changing spools at home.


Lamson Fly Reel Warranty


Price: $799.00

While more affordable than a Hatch or a Mako, the Lamson Hyperspeed M is an expensive fly reel at $800. That being said, we see significant value in the Hyperspeed due to its outstanding performance and lightweight design. We think Lamson has found a unique niche in the saltwater reel market that sets them apart from other premium reels by offering serious performance at a fraction of the weight. For anglers who need a strong drag and fast retrieval but don’t want the heft of a pickup truck attached to the rod, the Hyperspeed M offers a long-overdue solution.



Lamson continues to improve their reel designs with each new release, and the Hyperspeed M is clear evidence that they’re not afraid to compete in the high-performance saltwater market. We were already fans of the Litespeed M, but the Hyperspeed redefines what a saltwater-specific reel can do in a lightweight package. We appreciate the Hyperspeed’s outstanding line retrieval and powerful drag system, especially considering its extremely low weight. Although we didn’t love its ergonomics, they’re adequate and will be comfortable for the majority of saltwater anglers. If you’re seeking a lightweight saltwater reel with premium performance for under $1,000, the Lamson Hyperspeed M is an excellent choice.

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