Learn how to tie the Top Secret Midge Fly, including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

Designed by Pat Dorsey, the Top Secret Midge is an excellent pattern for imitating midge pupa and adults. Super easy to tie and quick to adapt to a range of colors, this pattern should be in your box every day of the year. Whether it's a hatch of tan, brown, or black midges, the Top Secret Midge can match them all.


Step One

Start the pattern by running the camel-colored UNI-Thread along the hook's shank. The thread makes up the fly's abdomen, so do not be afraid to add bulk by making additional wraps.

Step Two

Tie the white UNI-Thread near the thorax to help create the pattern's rib section. Wrap the camel thread over the white thread several times to ensure the white thread is left unexposed.

Step Three

Make evenly spaced wraps with the white thread up sixty percent of the shank's length to better segment the fly's abdomen. Before moving on to the next step, clip the excess white thread.

Step Four

Now that the abdomen is completed, we are moving on to the wing section. Pinch wrap a puff of yarn on top of the shank at the thorax, then clip the outward-facing fibers off.

Step Five

Moving on to the fly's head, apply a puff of dubbing to the thread and make several wraps above the wing to the hook's eye.

Step Six

The Top Secret Midge is ready to hit the water after securing the fly with a half-hitch followed by a whip-finish.