Learn how to tie the Soft Hackle Streamer pattern including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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Gartside’s Soft Hackle Streamer is an essential pattern anywhere you go. You can rely on this fly to catch anything from freshwater species like trout and carp to saltwater fish like striped bass, snook, and jack. The Soft Hackle Streamer is an easy baitfish pattern to tie and can be constructed in just about any color scheme you can dream up. Swing it in a current, strip it back to you, or just dead drift it. The Soft Hackle Streamer has a natural movement that entices any predatory fish around. Follow along as Levi shows the step-by-step directions needed to tie this useful streamer.


Step One:

Begin the pattern by running the thread around the upper third of the hook's shank. It is essential to leave a small space between the thread's stopping point and the hook's eye.

Step Two:

Take two Krystal flash strands and fold the material over. Next, clip the fibers in half; this will leave you with four strands. Tie the Krystal flash on the shank's left side, right below the eye.  Pull the material around to the opposite side, and tie the Krystal flash down. Be sure to clip off a portion of the fiber's end section.

Step Three:

Marabou feathers are the Soft Hackle Streamer's primary ingredient.  Before tying on, strip most of the fiber from the feather's tip. Tie the feathers on at the shank's seat, near the Krystal flash's end section. Grab the front of the feather and gently palm it around the shank until it flows neatly, then tie the tip in.

Step Four:

Creating the pattern's collar with mallard flank feathers is the final step in the tying process. Be sure to choose a feather that is half the size of the marabou. Tie it on at the tip, at a 45-degree angle. Next, wrap the feather around the shank then back to the eye. After securing a whip-finish, the Soft Hackle Streamer is ready to hit the water!