Learn how to tie the Seaducer Streamer fly pattern including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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Have you ever wished you could land a fly softly in shallow water when targeting laid up Stripers or Redfish? This pattern is light and buoyant to fool those finicky fish in inches of water. Stellar action and a sleek profile make this fly one of the best for marsh-like environments. Fish this fly for predatory fish in saltwater and freshwater environments. Targeting Largemouth Bass? This fly is a great baitfish imitation. Follow along as Jared teaches us to tie this simple Homer Rhodes pattern.


Step One:

Start your thread and tie in the Pearl Flash. Choose two strands of flash, double them over your thread, and tie them in at the bend of the hook. Trim the excess so the fibers extend roughly 3x the length of the hook shank.

Step Two:

Choose two hackle feathers and tie them in on opposite sides of the hook shank so they splay outward. This will create the tail of the fly. Wrap forward on the stems and snip off any excess fibers.

Step Three:

Choose two more hackle feathers and tie them both in on the near side of the hook shank. Advance your thread over the butts to the middle of the hook shank then wrap the hackles around the hook shank taking touching turns to create the body of the fly. Tie off the feathers near the middle of the hook shank and snip off any excess material.

Step Four:


Repeat Step 3 to complete the body of the fly. Tie off the hackle feathers right behind the eye of the hook. 


Step Five:


Throw a whip finish and add some head cement to increase the durability of the fly. 


Step Six:


And that's it! This is a very simple pattern to tie and only uses a few materials. That being said, it's effective when you need to present a bulky fly softly to a laid up fish in saltwater or freshwater. 



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