Learn how to tie the Rusty Spinner Fly, including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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Olives, sulphurs, cahills, march browns...the list goes on for what the Rusty Spinner can imitate. An easy fly to whip up, this pattern is one you should carry in a range of sizes from spring through fall to match any spinner fall that comes your way. A slim profile and buoyant wings allow this fly to rest right in the film and fool those trout sipping spinners all day long.


Step One

Begin the pattern by winding the thread from the hook’s eye to the curve. Next, apply a pinch of dubbing to the thread and make a few wraps at the bend.

Step Two

Place five Mayfly Tail fibers above the dubbing ball and secure them with a pinch-wrap. The tail should run 20 percent longer than the length of the shank. Advance the thread to the eye, then clip the outward-facing material.

Step Three

To make the wing section, clip an inch of the Polypropylene Yarn and place the material on top of the shank horizontally. Next, make several loose X wraps around the fibers and reposition the material if needed. Once the wings are seated nicely, tighten the wraps, then run the thread back to the tail.

Step Four

For the final step, apply more dubbing to the thread and advance to the thorax area. Be sure the wraps are thin and that they slightly overlap one another. At the thorax, apply more dubbing to create a more pronounced abdomen. Make several X wraps around the wing section, then secure the pattern by hitting a hatch hitch, followed by a whip finish. After smoothing out the wings, the Rusty Spinner is ready to hit the water.