Learn how to tie the Partridge & Orange soft hackle wet fly pattern including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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The Partridge and Orange fly is one of the most effective soft hackle fly designs ever developed. It's also really easy to tie and only uses two materials. This is a great pattern for trout and steelhead and can be swung or dead-drifted. This pattern is great for prospecting new water or fooling finicky trout. Don't leave home without one.


Step One:

Start your thread just behind the eye of the hook and wrap it rearward past the bend of the hook. Be sure to take touching turns; this thread base will become the body of the fly. Wrap the thread forward to create a double layer of thread that ends just behind the eye of the hook.

Step Two:

Use the Hareline Ice Dub to create a hot spot to pull the hackle against. This spot of dubbing will help give the fly more life in the water by capturing air bubbles and creating more movement and sound.

Step Three:

Select and tie in a single partridge feather from the Hareline Hungarian Partridge Skin. After tying in the feather in front of the dubbing, stroke the fibers rearward and wrap the feather around the hook to create the wing of the fly. Be sure the fibers are evenly spread around the hook. Tie off the partridge feather and snip the stem.

Step Four:

Throw a whip finish and add some head cement. The head cement will help hold your thread wraps in place and add durability to the fly.

Step Five:

And that's it! That's the Partridge & Orange, one of the easiest flies to tie with wide-ranging applications. This fly can be tied in a multitude of colors/styles and can be swung through a riffle, pool, or run. Try this one out next time you're at the vise tying trout flies.


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