Learn how to tie the Mayer's Mysis fly pattern, including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly-tying skills here.

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Join us as we demonstrate how to tie the versatile Mayer's Mysis Shrimp/Nymph fly from Landon Mayer's book, "Guide Flies Easy to Tie Patterns for Tough Trout." The Mysis shrimp, a false shrimp species, was first introduced to Colorado reservoirs in the 1950s as a food source for salmon and lake trout. This fly effectively imitates these shrimp and can be fished in various ways to entice even the most selective trout.

Mayer's Mysis can be tied in sizes 12-20 to match various shrimp sizes. When fished on a dead drift, fish may take it as a dead shrimp. Add a twitch and swing to your retrieve, and you'll effectively imitate a live shrimp, increasing your chances of hooking up with a tough trout

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