Learn how to tie the Krystal Bugger Fly, including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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Bringing extra flash to the standard Wooly Bugger, the Krystal Bugger is super effective and simple to tie. A great choice whether you’re chasing river smallmouth, steelhead, browns, or even carp, the Krystal Bugger can adapt to a range of environments with ease. A year-round pattern, this is a fly that’s worth having in a few different colors. 


Step One

Start the pattern by inserting the weighted bead through the hook. Next, run the thread from below the bead to the hook’s bend. 

Step Two

Maribou feathers make the Krystal Bugger’s tail section. First, be sure to strip the excess fibers at the feather’s tip. Afterward, pinch-wrap the feather on top of the shank, add supporting wraps, then clip the extra material.

Step Three

For the next step, tie three strands of Krystal Flash on the side nearest to you, then fold the flash to the opposite side. Add additional wraps for support and durability, then trim the flash to your desired length.

Step Four

Tie the Estaz near the tail, then place the saddle hackle on the shank with the feather’s tip pointing rearward and the shiny side facing you. Run the thread up to the bead, then clip the excess material.

Step Five

For the final step, wrap the Estaz up the shank, tie the material at the bead, then clip the extra fibers. The Krystal Bugger is ready to hit the water after you wrap the hackle up the shank and secure the pattern with a whip finish.



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