Learn how to tie the Bob's Ultra Shirmp pattern, including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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Shrimp flies are effective for various fish, including bonefish, weakfish, snook, striped bass, or almost any other saltwater species. Bob's Ultra Shrimp can be tied in a range of color configurations and is an excellent choice for matching these crustaceans.  With a tough UV resin body, this fly can also hold its own no matter where you're fishing or what you're targeting.


Step One

Begin the pattern by running the thread from the hook's neck to the bend. Next, fold six strands of Krystal Flash in half. Tie the material slightly behind the shank's center, with a portion stretching past the hook's rear. Clip the outward-facing fibers before moving on to the next step.

Step Two

For the second step, trim the crustacean eyes' stem to half the length of the Krystal Flash. Tie the first eye on the side furthest from you, with the eye positioned slightly past the shank's rear. Secure the second eye on the side facing you, run the thread along the base, then clip the excess material.

Step Three

For the pattern's legs, tie two Sili-Legs at the shank's curve, on the side closest to you. Fold the forward-facing fibers around the bend to the opposite side, giving the shrimp two legs on each side of the hook.

Step Four

For the Ultra Shrimp's body, tie the saddle hackle near the Krystal Flash, with the shinny section facing you. Next, run the feather with evenly spaced wraps along the shank. After covering three-fourths of the shank,  trim the fibers that run along the top of the shank.

Step Five

SF fibers help create the shrimp's carapace. Taper the fibers to a point, place them on top of the shank, then clip the forward-facing material. The rearward facing material should extend 50 percent past the Krystal Flash. Secure the pattern by hitting a half-hitch, followed by a whip finish.

Step Six

Before the Ultra Shrimp hits the water, coat the fibers with UV resin. Pull the tail at an angle, smooth the coating with the bodkin, then hit the resin with the UV light. Repeat this step once more for added security and durability.