Learn how to tie the Antron Egg Nymph fly pattern, including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly-tying skills here.

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Variations of these egg nymphs have been around for quite some time. Simple, quick to tie,  and, best of all, they are very effective. If you’re a Mainer, these are great for the sucker spawn in late spring! Go with hook sizes 14 -16 for trout and larger 8 - 10 for Steelhead.

Material List

Step One

Begin the pattern by establishing a thread base below the hook eye to the point.

Step Two

We’re using yellow dubbing in three separate clumps for the egg sack. Apply a small puff on the shank’s center, then secure the material before the eye. 

Step Three

Repeat the previous step twice more, then clip the rear-facing material.

Step Four

For the blood dot, apply a small puff of red dubbing to the thread, then form a small ball at the shank’s center by wrapping the thread a few times.

Step Five

Next, make open spiral turns down the hook shank with the red dubbed thread before stopping at the bend.

Step Six

Part the forward-facing yellow dubbing material, push it behind the ball, then secure it in front of the curve.

Step Seven

After completing a whip finish, push the yellow dubbing upward to form an egg sack, then clip the rear-facing material.

Step Eight

Apply a small dose of Zap-A-Gap behind the egg sack, let it dry, then go catch fish. It’s that simple.