Learn how to tie the Mole fly pattern including step-by-step instructions, a video tutorial, pictures, and much more. Improve your fly tying skills here.

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The Mole Fly is a simple pattern that only uses a few materials and a few techniques. Even though it's easy to tie, the pattern can be hugely efficient when fished in the right situation. If you find selective trout feeding just under the surface, this emerging insect imitation could be just what they're looking for. Follow along as Jared shows the step-by-step directions needed to tie this effective pattern.


Step One:

Choose two CDC feathers and tie them in on top of the hook shank about an eye's length behind the eye. Wrap the feathers rearward to the hook point to create the taper of the fly.

Step Two:

Create a thin dubbing noodle with the Light Olive Dubbing and wrap it forward to create the body of the fly. Be sure to build up a small taper in the middle of the fly.

Step Three:

Add some head cement for durability and to secure the thread wraps in place.

Step Four:


And that's it. The Mole Fly is one of the easiest patterns to tie and can be tied in a multitude of different colors to imitate different emerging insects. 



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