Winner of our 2013 8-Weight Challenge! It suffices to say that we love the Hatch Finatic 7-Plus.  Here's why.



8.4 ounces.  One of the few complaints about Hatch reels is that they are a little heavy.  True to form, the Hatch 7-Plus was heavier than 75% of the reels in our test.  Our testers didn't feel it was "too heavy" to balance most 8-weight rods.


The Hatch 7-Plus has one of the best drags on the market.  It's fully sealed, silky smooth and has a reasonable amount of power.  It also had virtually no start-up inertia (see the graph below).

DRAG Test Graph


The Finatic sounds great. It's got a click in both directions, which I prefer to a silent retrieve.

Spool & Retrieval Rate

The Hatch is one of the few fly reels that offers interchangeable spools of different sizes.  This gives you tons of flexibility when it comes to using your reel.  The reel can easily cover line weights from 7-10 with gel spun backing.


The large arbor spool had a lightning fast retrieve rate, yet wasn't overly wide.


Look & Feel

The next time you're in a fly shop, pick up a Hatch.  It feels great.  The handle is comfortably made from machined from aluminum.  It also looks great, but you can see that from the photos.

The spool is incredibly easy to remove and replace and the retrieve switches from left to right, easily.


We were really shocked when I found out that there was one company left that offered a true lifetime warranty.  No fees.  Hatch truly stands behind their products.


Go. Buy. It. Now.  If you're in the market for a new saltwater reel for your next trip to the flats, you can't do any better than this.


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  • Great looks and near perfect feel.
  • Zero start-up inertia
  • Highly flexible spool design


  • Could be lighter
  • 2-4 lbs of extra drag strength couldn't hurt, particularly if you're putting 10-weight line on the mid-arbor spool.