Quick Take: Greys XF2 Streamflex 10' #4 Review

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Brooke Hidell of Hidell's Guide Service stopped by the shop today and we decided to cast a few 4-weight's for the fun of it.


The first rod on the block was the Greys XF2 Streamflex 10' #4


Not many people in the US recognize the Greys brand.  Greys is Hardy's diffusion brand - similar to Redington and Sage.  It's a great rod, as you'll hear about below.


Here's the outfit I was using:



This rod is well appointed for a price-point rod.  The cork is good, wraps are well done.  The rod has a nice skeletal/wood reel seat and alignment dots.  The grip is the standard for everything reverse half-wells with "finish cork" on the ends.  Of course you're not getting recoil  guides or AAAA cork, but the rod is under $400!  It's got everything you need, nothing you don't.


According to Hardy, this rod weighs 3.28 oz.  My scale came in at 3.15, so I'd say spot on. It's only a little heavier than the Sage ESN which weighs in at 2.94 oz.  Overall, the Ultralite DD 4000 balances it well.


I wouldn't want to go much lighter in the reel category for such a long rod.


I didn't attempt any long casts with the rod during this test.  Since it is a medium-action, I would guess it won't be winning any distance competitions.


I cast this rod side-by-side with the Sage ESN and a Scott G2 904.  Both of those rods tracked better than the Greys (as I expected).  If you're high-sticking, it won't matter anyway.


Medium to Medium-Fast.  I found myself adjusting down from my normal casting stroke (Hardy Zenith), but it's not "noodle-y".


I didn't get to water test the rod, but it would make an awesome Euro-nymphing rod - It's got reach + lightweight.


Lifetime to the original owner. Lots of handling fees...


Price: $319


The Greys XF2 Streamflex 10' #4 is a great rod for someone looking to get into Czech nymphing without the high price tag.  It's versatile enough to throw the occasional dry or streamer and you don't want to switch rods.


  • A great nymphing rod.
  • Butt/mid sections could be a little stiffer
  • Price


  • Fast action aficionados will miss the feel of a fast rod.
  • If you're looking for a 10' rod to CAST (read: not nymphing), you may want to look elsewhere.
  • It probably won't be impressing your friends at the river (until you catch all of the fish..)



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