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'Value' and 'performance' are words generally not associated with fly fishing. Quite frankly, it can be hard to find quality, affordable equipment. Greys is a British-based fly rod manufacturer that has taken the initiative to change this perception. After being absent from U.S. markets for several years, the company is back in the States. This time around, Greys has brought some fantastic products with them. The new GR80 Streamflex is one of our favorite mid-priced, do-everything, fast-action rods. At 225 dollars, The GR60 is an even more affordable option. If you are interested in purchasing a new rod, but funds are limited, you will want to read this review!


Greys GR60 9' 5wt Fly Rod

Scientific Anglers Amplitude MPX Fly Line

Fit & Finish

The GR60's build quality is just plain-out solid. Unlike many rods at this price-point, the GR60 does not look or feel cheap. The GR60 features an excellent Half-Wells grip with better-than-you-would-expect cork, an anodized aluminum reel seat with carbon spacers, and a sleek matte-black tinted blank. You will fish in style with the GR60 in-hand.


The GR 60 has a total weight of 3.32 ounces and a swing weight of 64.9 gm2. This places the GR60 in the middle of the pack in terms of modern 5 weights. For the price, it seems about right.


For a price-point, moderate-action rod, the GR60 surprised us with how much reserve power it had. Sure, it might not be a rod you will want to take to the North Platte for Hopper-Dropper fishing in August, but it's got enough backbone to reach reasonable targets.


  • 30-feet: The GR60's moderate action lends itself well to dry fly fishing on smaller rivers at shorter distances. The GR60 would make a great rod to take to the local freestone where targeting rocks, seems, and structure is the name of the game.
  • 45-feet: We were pleasantly surprised with the GR60's accuracy at middle-distances. The GR60 might not be our first choice to take to a technical tailwater, but it is more than serviceable. Again, for a rod under 250 dollars, you cannot beat it!
  • 60-feet: Few trout fishing situations call for casts over 60 feet. It is nice to know the power is there if you MUST use it. Keep in mind the different variables at hand that could affect the rod's accuracy, including wind and fly size.

Flex & Feel

Unlike its more expensive sibling, the much faster GR80 Streamflex, the GR60 features a moderate action. The rod's refined nature makes it receptive to feedback, allowing the caster to feel the rod bend deeper into the blank. This helps with the GR60 accuracy at shorter distances. The GR60 is probably not the best rod to throw a bulky nymph rig or streamer. However, it is a rod that will delicately present smaller flies and protect lightweight tippet.




At $225.95, it is hard to beat the GR60. Greys is proving that value and performance are not mutually exclusive. The GR60 is a rod a beginner can purchase and not feel the need to toss aside after six months of use. A more experienced angler on a budget will enjoy the rod, too, especially if they are looking to fish dry flies at moderate distances. Between the GR60 and the GR80 Streamflex, it is safe to say Greys is back!

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  • Exceptional value
  • Very accurate across the board


  • Not the best rod choice for bulky setups
  • Struggles in wind