When we published our 8-weight shootout, the two comments we got most of all was "why did you test [Galvan and Nautilus]." So naturally, we tested them both this time. The Galvan Torque is their top-of-the-line reel. While not excactly new to the market, the Torque is beautifully machined and comes from a great family-run business in California. We're excited to see how it does against the big boys!


PS - We liked it so much, that we now carry it. Buy your Galvan Torque here.


5-Weight Challenge Full Results


4.8 ounces. While not the lightest reel out there, it's actually one of the lighter reels in the test.



Unquestionably, the best feature about the T-5 is its drag, which simply dominated our test. It's got a bonefish stopping 7.3 lbs of drag and no detectable startup inertia.


Not sealed.



The incoming click is great, but the outgoing drag sound is a little too muted for our tastes. I want to hear that brown trout run!


While the spool on the Torque was quite narrow, the rest of the specs on the spool were fairly average. Retrieve was a fast, but not lightning fast, 7.16 inches per turn. and it holds about 130 yards of backing.


The Torque looks great, and it's a great blend of modern styling and tradition. You can definitely tell that it's well designed and machined in a quality US shop. Better still, it's fully ported to shave weight and so your backing will dry well if it gets wet.


Handle: If there's one thing I would change on the Torque, it's the handle. It's way too short. The handle on the Rush is much better.


Drag Knob: The drag knob is great - comfy and easy to adjust.


Spool Change: The one-button release works really well.

The Drop

Above Average. While you can definitely tell that the reel has been abused, neither the dragging or the dropping made any significant dents (ha ha). It's particularly impressive since it was a dark colored reel. No Damage.


Lifetime to the original owner + $0!


Price: $360



Third place!


Let me start this conclusion by saying that at the time this test was published, we didn't carry Galvan reels (we do now). Clearly, that needs to change, but what I'm really saying is that when a company makes a great product and sends it to us to test, we test it fairly, and it does well in our tests.


We like pretty much everything about the Galvan Torque. It had the best drag in the test with both huge strength numbers and virtually no startup intertia. It looks and feels great, and is very well machined. The only thing that kept it out of the #1 spot is its slightly slower retrieve and heavier weight. Best of all, it's made in the USA.


  • Best drag in the test!
  • Great looks
  • Made in the USA quality


  • Why not make the drag sealed for saltwater use?