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Galvan is known for producing quality USA-made reels that can stand up to abuse for years. The Galvan Euro Nymph (GEN) fly reel fully encompasses this ethos as a high-performance Euro Nymphing reel with some clever design features. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, tight-line practitioners will appreciate the GEN’s solid build quality and nymphing-specific features. Read on to learn more about the Galvan Euro Nymph fly reel in our full review.

Pros & Cons


  • Large arbor equals quick line pickup of 8.4” per revolution.
  • USA-made craftsmanship will stand the test of time!
  • Clever closed-cage design accommodates long, thin leaders.
  • Smooth and powerful Torque drag system.


  • Expensive for a freshwater reel with an unsealed drag.
  • The outgoing drag sound is underwhelming.
  • The reel handle and drag knob could be larger for improved ergonomics.

Who It’s For

The Galvan Euro Nymph is for - you guessed it - euro nymph anglers. The closed-cage design means you don’t have to worry about thin leaders slipping between the cage and the spool. For the same reason, the GEN would also make a great trout spey reel. 


In the 3.7” size, the Galvan GEN weighs in at 5.2 ounces. This isn’t a featherweight reel, but it balances out longer euro rods nicely. 



The GEN features Galvan’s time-tested Torque drag system. This carbon disc drag is extremely smooth and powerful; offering roughly 7 pounds of maximum drag pressure. 4 turns of the drag knob will take you from minimum to maximum pressure, allowing for fine-tuning adjustments on the fly. Unfortunately, the drag is not sealed, so you’ll want to avoid saltwater use with the Galvan GEN. 


The incoming sound on the GEN is a very audible click, which we like. The outgoing, however, is very hushed and could be significantly louder for improved feedback.

Spool & Cage Design


The spool of the Galvan Euro Nymph is what makes it a high-performance beast. With a maximum diameter of 3.48”, a width of 0.95”, and an arbor diameter of 2.48”, you’ll be retrieving a whopping 8.4” of line per turn. If line retrieval speed is important to you, this workhorse will get the job done.

A brilliant design feature of the GEN is its closed cage design. Galvan could have gone with a full-cage, but that would have made the reel even heavier. Instead, they cleverly enclosed only the line-traffic section of the cage, which is where it matters. Gone are the days of long, thin leaders slipping between your reel’s cage and spool! As a bonus, the GEN cage will also accommodate the Torque and Rush spools. 

Looks & Ergonomics

At first glance, the GEN looks an awful lot like the Galvan Torque - one of our favorite freshwater reels. The GEN features an ultra-ported design that looks modern and stout. And with its anodized T6 aluminum, it has the durability to back up its looks.

Ergonomically, the GEN is solid but not a home run. The handle and drag knob both offer a grippy texture but would benefit from an increased size. The push-button spool release is convenient for quick, effortless spool changes.


Galvan Fly Reel Warranty


Price: $485.00

The GEN is a premium, USA-made reel, and you’re going to pay premium cash for it. But is it worth the high cost? For euro-nymph practitioners with the budget, we think so. When you look at the list of the GEN’s pros; quick line retrieval, solid drag, and a clever cage design, you’re getting a lot of performance from this tool. That being said, many anglers will get sticker-shock, and seek out more budget-friendly options. We can respect that decision, too, for a freshwater-specific reel that costs the same as many sealed-drag allwater reels. Decide what features you need, determine your budget, and there lies your answer.



Overall, the Galvan Euro Nymph offers many great performance and design features. This is a sturdy reel that caters to the demands of European nymphing applications. We particularly appreciate the closed frame design and the quick line retrieval. Sure, we nitpicked the ergonomics a bit, but those details matter when shopping for a premium reel. The only major downside of the GEN is its hefty cost, which will price out budget-oriented euro nymphers. If you don’t mind the higher price of premium USA-made products, the Galvan Euro Nymph is an excellent reel that will perform solidly for many years to come.

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